We love comics.

We love reading comics. We love writing about comics. We love talking about comics. We love the unique stories that can be told in this medium — and we love sharing that love of story with readers, young and old, everywhere.

Our love of comics is why we celebrate the industry’s successes at the top of our lungs. Our love of comics is what drives us to elevate the voices that often go unheard in the industry — from marginalized groups of fans to underrated creators and critics fighting for better representation for women, persons of color, and the LGBTA/queer community.

Our love of comics is what insists we never tolerate harassment and abuse in the industry. It’s why we demand more from the industry. It’s why we will fight oppression and intolerance in the industry and community at large.

Because we love comics.



Aaron Long Matt Santori



Chris C. Hernandez Emma Houxbois
Allen Thomas Frederick Luis Aldama
Londyn Jackson Mexi Gremillion
Terrence Sage John Ernenputsch
Amy Ziegfeld Mark Peters
Michael Hale Jude DeLuca
Carolina González Alvarado E.A. Sofia
Jay Barrett Allison Senecal


Matt Santori


Writer: Queer Visibility

Matt Santori has been reading comic books since his 8th birthday and consequently considers himself an organized hoarder, much to the chagrin of his husband, boyfriend, and two fat little cats. He is a classically trained artist and photographer, and full-time writer. He was sure as a young child he would develop super-powers one day, but it has not (yet) come to pass. He is destined to die accidentally, buried under a dislodged stack of comic book boxes. Until then, Matt can be found fighting the good fight, wielding words as weapons like every good Jewish kid should do. (He/him/they/them)


Chris C. Hernandez

Writer: Cómix Latinx

Chris C. Hernandez has been a comic book fan since his first pair of Superman Underroos. He loves to read and write about comics and dreams of one day writing his own comics. (He/him)


EmmaEmma Houxbois

Writer: Transmyscira

Emma Houxbois is a fiercely queer trans woman from the wilds of Canada, most recently spotted in the Pacific Northwest. She is a two time IWC Women’s World Champion and has written about comics for the web since 2005 for sites including Playboy, Bitch Media, and Graphic Policy. (She/her)


Allen Thomas

Writer: Health and Inclusivity

A long time DC-turned-Marvel fanboy, Allen’s love of superheroes started with cartoons like X-Men and B:TAS and his first comic was Green Lantern, starring Kyle Rayner. Since watching the Teen Titans animated series at 16, he has collected comics and he has a particular fondness for the Young Avengers, Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, and many other women and queer characters in comic books. Besides his love for comics, Allen is an avid gamer and can be found playing something Final Fantasy related when not lamenting his dissertation, or watching cartoons like Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. He’s a soon-to-be Doctor in Counseling Psychology and has a passion for research on the intersection of identities and how comic books can be used in therapy, particularly with LGBTQ people. (He/him)


Frederick Luis Aldama


As Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of English and University Distinguished Scholar at The Ohio State University, Professor Frederick Luis Aldama — a.k.a. Professor Latinx — teaches courses on Latinx & Latin American cultural phenomena, including literature, film, TV, music, sports, video games, and comic books. Beating at the heart of his work is the singular drive to understand deeply how we create and actively consume all variety of planetary cultural phenomena. Much of his work focuses on excavating and examining pop cultural phenomena by and about Latinxers of the Américas. (He/him)


Londyn Jackson


Londyn Jackson is the creator of “History of the Batman” where with each post, tweet or video she celebrates DC Comics’ Batman and the iconic figure’s long visual evolution and mythos. Londyn contributes her fun and educational content about Batman and the American comic book to history YouTube videos for DC Comics, movie reviews for Warner Bros. Archives and editorials to companies like Entertainment Earth and Highsnobiety. When she’s not talking about the Bat, Londyn’s geeking out some other way with her Trekkie husband and two dogs (more like children) in San Pedro, California. You can find her on Instagram at @HistoryoftheBatman and YouTube, as well! (She/her)


MexiMexi Gremillion

Writer: Comics I Need to Read

Recent double major double minor college graduate. Amateur writer of all things. All around nerd. Mexi Gremillion spends most of her time figuring out what she’s doing with her life while pursuing her writing passions to (somehow) create an actual career out of them. Raised by DC cartoons and living off MCU excellency, Mexi strives to understand all comic universes—from Archie to Valiant—so that she can one day conquer one (or all) as a CCO. But for now, she’s fine just writing about them. (She/her)


TerrenceSageTerrence Sage


19 year old Young Avenger on the weekends. Black and Proud. I’m all about the comics and fighting the good fight. Writer for the culture since 2015. (He/him)


1402320502597John Ernenputsch


John has been reading comics since 1995 when — on his 8th birthday — he picked up X-Men: Alpha and Astonishing X-Men #1 from the local drug store. It was fitting that he bought the comics where he did, because he was soon addicted and hasn’t looked back since. Despite growing up a Marvel Zombie with a special place in his heart for the X-Men, John is an equal opportunity reader, and has spent the better part of the last 19 years consuming as many comics has he can.

Despite his nasty comic habit, he was able to graduate from University of California – Irvine with degrees in Cognitive Science and Political Science, and a minor in History. The only thing that even comes close to eclipsing his love of comic books is his love of sports, the only hobby he has had longer. When he isn’t reading comics he is usually watching sports, and oftentimes he is doing both simultaneously. He consumes media at an abnormal rate, and people often wonder how he can read so many comics or watch so much television He can be found on Twitter discussing comics, sports, TV, and film as @jpooch21. (He/him)


AmyHeadColor250x250Amy Ziegfeld


Amy Ziegfeld is an attorney practicing law in New York. Formerly of the IRS, she has gone rogue and performs vigilante justice in her private practice. She loves old comics, and rambling about same; the law, and philosophizing about same; and food, and eating same. (She/her)


Mark Peters

Writer: Kirbyology

Mark Peters has written about comic books for Bark, The Boston Globe, Comics Beat, Mental Floss, Paste, Salon, and Slate. In “Kirbyology,” he’ll look at a different aspect of the great Jack Kirby’s life or work in each column. Follow him on Twitter (@wordlust). When not geeking out about comics, Mark writes about language for The Boston Globe and Visual Thesaurus, and he wrote the book Bullshit: A Lexicon. (He/him)


PhotoMichael Hale

Writer: The Comics Classroom

Michael started loving comic-centric characters the moment he watched Batman the Animated Series in the 90s. While his love of comics took a backseat to film, he returned to the comic medium when he began re-focusing his interests towards joining higher education. Michael (obsessively) believes comics are an underused means to diversify education, both on the grad-school and college levels. Michael adores Marvel comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse … basically any and every comic he had get his hands on. His love even extends (again, obsessively) to eastern comics, ie: manga. Michael is currently a University of Texas at Arlington PhD student, a UTT Blogger, and he is always working on some kind of insane, time-consuming project. His comic-Patronus is also Larfleeze. (He/him)


Carolina-GonzalezCarolina González Alvarado

Writer: Palabra e Imagen

Researcher, writer and photographer. Interested in visual arts, literature, graphic novels and comics. Current PhD student in Text/Image studies and witting her dissertation about Craig Thompson. Coffee and tea lover. Her best luggage is a suitcase full of books. (She/her)


E.A. Sofia


E.A. Sofia is a fangirl who writes about books. A longtime reader since childhood, she became a fan of comics as an adult and found a whole new world of stories to explore. She wants to use her writing to help make comics fandom more welcoming to new fans. (She/her)


Jay Barrett


Jay Barrett is a rank amateur. He often writes in the passive voice, litters his essays with needless commas, and uses run-ons just to make you mad. Don’t believe his lies. (He/him)



Allison Senecal


Professionally a book buyer and nonprofessionally a comics buyer, Allison enjoys tossing recommendations for both at anyone within shouting distance. She’s been a comics fan since the ‘90s, with special love reserved for the Flash, New Mutants, Daredevil, and queer Gotham ladies. More recently, she’s just an honest shill for Thor.

She’s also a huge New York sports fan and general high-volume media consumer. If you never wish to know peace again, follow her on Twitter @maliciousglee. (She/her)


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