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Comicosity was forged in the fires of the Internet in early 2012 to provide comic book fans with up-to-date news, interviews, and complete coverage of the world of comics. From the “big two” to independent publishers, comics is an ever-growing, ever-changing business and Comicosity brings you the best coverage, commentary, and insight into the medium we all have come to love so deeply. Our goal, as longtime fans sharing ideas with new and seasoned readers alike, is to carve out a space where you can enjoy comics more — not less — as a result of your visit.

Sometimes critics, often advocates — always fans.


Aaron Long Matt Santori-Griffith Keith Callbeck
Brett Monro Jessica Boyd Alison Berry
Karen Dorula John Emenputsch Aaron Meyers
Roderick Ruth Draven Katayama Kelly Richards
Eris Walsh Jordan Jennings Allen Thomas
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hlaLwydpAaron Long


Writer: Kids’ Corner

Aaron Long is a man of many loves: family, baseball, technology, and comics (shocking, right?). Raised a Marvel-boy, this self-proclaimed Avengers fanatic returned to comic reading a few years ago after a long pause and has never looked back. This Marvel-boy now finds himself reading titles from the big two, indies and everything in between, and life couldn’t be better.  Aaron can be found on Twitter (@juice005) and pretty much any other flavour of social networking.


Matt Santori-Griffith

Senior Editor

Writer: Crisis of Epic Proportion and Comic Love

Matt Santori-Griffith has been reading comic books since his 8th birthday and consequently considers himself an organized hoarder, much to the chagrin of his husband and two fat little cats. He is a Chicago native, classically trained artist and photographer, and full-time content marketer and writer. He was sure as a young child he would develop super-powers one day, but it has not (yet) come to pass. He is also apparently destined to die accidentally, buried under a dislodged stack of comic book boxes. Until then, Matt can be found talking about all manner of things he loves on Twitter.com under the mask of @FotoCub.


Keith Callbeck

Host of We Talk Comics

Writer: Read Between the Lines

Keith is a life-long comic fan who learned to read with Byrne/Claremont X-Men, Action, Adventure Comics and DC Comics Presents. He holds a Masters Degree in Religion and Film and co-created the Gemini Award-winning TV series “What Were They Thinking?”. Keith brings his day-job experience in marketing to the comic talk and has a particular interest in how comics transition into a digital medium. The man-cave in Keith’s home has every wall surface covered with signed prints and unique collectibles. The shelves are packed to overflowing with his great pop-culture love outside of comics – Jawas. His favorite character ever is Booster Gold and occasionally regrets not naming his cat Skeets. You can follow Keith on Twitter at @CubReporterK or email him at keith@wetalkpodcasts.com


Brett Monro

Host of We Talk Comics

Writer: Access All Ages and Numbers Game

Brett Monro is Co-Host of We Talk Comics, Fantasy Football, and other great podcasts from the We Talk Podcasts family. Former comic store owner, director, and podcast guy.

You can follow Brett on Twitter at @Brett_WeTalk or email him at brett@wetalkpodcasts.com


Jessica Boyd

Host of The Hangout

Writer Emeritus: Mom’s Cover Watch and HERoes

Mother. Comic reader. Sci-Fi watcher. MMORPG. Raised a lady, chosen to be geek. Jessica Boyd is a journalist turned teacher who spends her free time catching running noses and cleaning up messes of her four children (alright, only three are minors the other is her husband.) However, in the five seconds she has to breath she spends it almost exclusively obsessing about her comics collection she began in middle school with Spectacular Spider-man, but neglected regularly until she became an adult. Main message from this non-native Texan: yes, even mothers read, and have opinions, about comics.  Also, despite her Marvel roots, she will defend DC and their crazy decisions until she’s believes them herself. You can find her on Twitter @charmingred and Tumblr.


2013-01-25_12-54-18_588Alison Berry

Host of The Hangout


Alison B grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series & has been in love with the Dark Knight ever since. On her good days, she’s Wonder Woman. On her lesser days, she’s a legislative policy analyst in the DC metro area. She came to Comicosity as part of the Moms Read Comics HANGOUT, but now they can’t make her leave. Lately Alison has been experimenting with the Marvel Universe, so someone better hide the Reality Gem before she finds it. Her favorite things are superheroes, scotch, quoting movies at people, handsome British actors, her husband and her 2 weird cats. She also, inexplicably and un-ironically, loves Captain Boomerang. Find her on Twitter @VaGentlenerd.


KarenKaren Dorula

Host of The Hangout


Karen started reading comics with The New 52 launch.  Since then, she has explored every publisher and reads a wide variety of titles.  She is currently a graduate student and spends every spare moment talking about comics on Twitter and reading monthly books, trades, and digital comics.


1402320502597John Ernenputsch

Writer: Hot Five, Comicosity Book Club

John has been reading comics since 1995 when — on his 8th birthday — he picked up X-Men: Alpha and Astonishing X-Men #1 from the local drug store. It was fitting that he bought the comics where he did, because he was soon addicted and hasn’t looked back since. Despite growing up a Marvel Zombie with a special place in his heart for the X-Men, John is an equal opportunity reader, and has spent the better part of the last 19 years consuming as many comics has he can.

Despite his nasty comic habit, he was able to graduate from University of California – Irvine with degrees in Cognitive Science and Political Science, and a minor in History. The only thing that even comes close to eclipsing his love of comic books is his love of sports, the only hobby he has had longer. When he isn’t reading comics he is usually watching sports, and oftentimes he is doing both simultaneously. He consumes media at an abnormal rate, and people often wonder how he can read so many comics or watch so much television He can be found on Twitter discussing comics, sports, TV, and film as @jpooch21.


AaronAaron Meyers

Writer: The Honor Roll

Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics


RoderickRoderick Ruth

Writer: Trade Waiting

Roderick Ruth is a product of the Dark Age of Comic Books and a willing victim to the 90’s hologram, chromium, variant days.  His passion has grown exponentially since then and is known to frequent comic book conventions across the nation, post pictures of his comic haul every week, and is unashamed to give his opinion on all things nerd and geek.


DravenDraven Katayama


Draven Katayama, better known as loudlysilent, loves all things X-Men (especially Jubilee), Runaways (especially Molly Hayes and Nico Minoru), and other YA/teen Marvel characters (especially Hazmat). He also loves John Green and Hank Green, saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier five times in the theater, and knows every episode of Glee, The Fosters, and Modern Family by heart. Say hi on Twitter and Tumblr.


KellyKelly Richards


Kelly was raised on Star Trek, and X-Men cartoons. She currently lives in Bristol with her husband and is studying towards a Master’s degree in social and cultural theory. Kelly may or may not have been trained in the red room and is almost definitely still waiting to develop her mutant powers. You can go say hi at Tumblr or Twitter.


rZ7c4BNAEris Walsh


A DC girl at heart, Eris Walsh is obsessed with Batman, Neil Gaiman, chemistry, ‘Doctor Who’, and baseball. A native of Atlanta, Eris now lives in New Orleans (also known as “hostile territory” during football season) where she enjoys writing about the things she loves, gardening, and complaining about the heat. She particularly enjoys scouring conventions for fantastic examples of cosplay craftsmanship, and discussing role-playing games (both table top and LARP), comics, movies, etc. with other enthusiasts. In addition to writing about about all things geeky from the female perspective, Eris is also passionate about promoting diversity in comics, movies, etc. and speaking about body positivity and anti-harassment through her writing and via convention panels (she is also a co-author of the New York Comic Con anti-harassment policy). You can usually find Eris at conventions big and small in and around the Gulf Coast, or plopped in front of her TV with a lap full of comics trying desperately to get caught up.

Eris writes for Comicosity, The Mary Sue, and her own She-Geeks website.


photo+(8)Jordan Jennings


Jordan is a science teacher and married to an amazingly supportive wife. His love of comics began in the dark ages of the industry when Superman was Blue and Heroes were Reborn. The passion was rekindled with 52 and ever since then there was no looking back. Now, Jordan is taking that passion into another level actively creating his own comics while analyzing what makes comics tick. You can find him online under the guise of @jordan_Xtreme.


Allen Thomas


A long time DC-turned-Marvel fanboy, Allen’s love of superheroes started with cartoons like X-Men and B:TAS and his first comic was Green Lantern, starring Kyle Rayner. Since watching the Teen Titans animated series at 16, he has collected comics and he has a particular fondness for the Young Avengers, Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, and many other women and queer characters in comic books. Besides his love for comics, Allen is an avid gamer and can be found playing something Final Fantasy related when not lamenting his dissertation, or watching cartoons like Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. He’s a soon-to-be Doctor in Counseling Psychology and has a passion for research on the intersection of identities and how comic books can be used in therapy, particularly with LGBTQ people.


Nikki Sherman


Perpetual 90s kid with a love for comics and video games. Can be found tweeting nonsense about pop culture when not creating fictional pull-lists for her favorite characters, trying to make things easy for new comic readers, and playing with cats.


SkyJ. Skyler


A part-time student at Mt. San Antonio College, J. Skyler is certified in Small Business, International Business and Business Management. Before pursuing a degree in business, she started out taking courses relating to traditional and 3-D animation. Her other academic interests include philosophy, religion, political science and psychology. A long-term member and former President of the LAMBDA Student Association (Mt. SAC’s club for LGBT students and allies), she has lead classroom discourse on LGBT history, culture and politics for students taking Human Sexuality, Psychology of Sexuality, Psychology of Women, Child Development, Marriage and Family, Sociology and Sociology of Ethnic Relations. However, more than anything, she considers herself a comic book enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @jskylerinc.


Sam-headshot2Sam Marx


Sam Marx is a Portland, OR-based comic reader and metalhead, the co-founder of the Comicosity Book Club, and a host of the Didn’t Read It comics podcast. He is also the Exhibitor Coordinator and sits on the Board of Directors for the Small Press Expo independent comics festival outside of Washington, DC. Sam has a Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations, but he’s pretty sure that has nothing to do with his comics work. Yet. Sam is a passionate supporter of independent comics, but has been known to enjoy Marvel Comics as well. Find Sam on Twitter at @smarx_.