Written by Dan Slott
Art by Adam Kubert
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 3, 2015

The Parkers are happy, and it is a very nice sight.

Things can never be as simple as just a happy ending, but in Renew Your Vows #1, the events of One More Day never occurred. The marriage of Peter & MJ was never voided, and they have a baby girl together. They are the picture of bliss, even if something nefarious lurks in the distance.

Dan Slott writes this one well, which doesn’t surprise me at all considering I’ve been a fan of his Spidey run and his voice for MJ. He wasn’t the writer that undid the couple, they’ve been split up for his entire run so far, but he handles them well as a couple, giving them very natural dialogue. They sound like a cuople that have been married for awhile and have a young kid, not like characters who have been reunited. Slott does a solid job of having readers fall into the Parker status quo, and as a reader who grew up on Spidey comics where Peter & MJ were married, it is a very comfortable place to fall back in line with. The baddie who acts as a catalyst for this tale is pretty larger than life, but he serves his purpose and Slott brings back one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes of all time as well. This comic feels almost like one of the Convergence tie-ins (and this is a good thing) in that we’re picking up on a world left behind, which is fun for readers who miss those times.

Adam Kubert does a solid job making the issue feel like a throwback without making it an actual throwback and going all crazy 90s style. His art is rock solid, the man can pencil a mean Spidey and has always been able to, and there’s not a bad panel in the bunch (though MJ’s outfit does vex me a bit). His action sequences are great and he captures the look and feel of this family well. I buy that these characters care for each other and they are a cute family together. That is all conveyed very nicely through the art, and Kubert handles both the quiet moments well and the big action/explosive moments very nicely. The colour work by Justin Ponsor gives the book a bit of a retro feel without going full on crazy 90s. One More Day wasn’t an exceptionally long time ago, but his work makes the issue feel like it is occurring in a time that has passed or is outside the 616 and it suits this story perfectly.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 is a solid first issue that has a great hook at the end. Slott and Kubert are veterans that work very well together to tell the tale of this family and as someone who has always been a fan of the Peter/MJ relationship, I was very happy with what I found in Renew Your Vows #1.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. James said:

    I really hate the message this comic was trying to send at the very end. Or at least, what I think it was trying to say.
    That is: “you can’t be a super-hero and have a family”
    I’m sure that’ll go down well with all those married police officers, fire fighters and military personell…
    We’ll see, maybe it’s a mis-direct and Peter will have a change of heart later in this series.