Advance Review: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1


Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez, Justin Ponsor
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 7, 2015

Tony Stark gets an A-list creative team to bring Iron Man to the big time in All-New All-Different Marvel NOW! and, based on this first issue, I’d say all the right pieces are here to make this series huge.

Bendis and Marquez give readers a solid jump on point with this first issue, getting readers up to speed with which Tony we are dealing with, for lack of a better term. Heading into Secret Wars we had a Superior Stark, but from the looks of things we are back to a more likable, slightly less arrogant version of the character. He’s witty, charming, self loathing and brilliant, and these two creators hit a lot of the right notes to make the character interesting in this first issue.

In some ways, this comic reads like a chunk of an Iron Man film, which I completely mean as a compliment. It has the grandiose feel of being on the big screen, with RDJ’s charm and voice flowing out of the character on the page effortlessly. Fans of the cinematic universe will feel right at home here, but Bendis and Marquez are not held back by paltry things like budgets. They tease what could be an explosive and dynamic armor and introduce some characters that challenge Tony in ways we have not seen up to this point. There are two strong characters that are excellent counters to Tony and all that he is, and I found both characters as compelling as the main man himself. As with Ultimate Spider-Man, Bendis and Marquez excel at building supporting casts that enrich and strengthen the title character and that is fully on display in this issue.

Brian Michael Bendis is a master of dialogue and that is obvious here. These characters are natural and very human, very approachable to the reader. Even though he is Iron Man, Tony Stark seems somewhat more “every man” in this first issue than he has in many recent Marvel books. There is a fair amount of setup as far as introducing where Tony is at right now, but Bendis does it in such a way that the comic doesn’t drag. This is rather essential information coming out of Secret Wars and he lets details fall into place naturally without hitting the reader on the head with an exposition hammer. While this isn’t the most action packed script, it was an entertaining read that cranks up at the right time near the end for a huge cliffhanger that I did not expect at all. The final page alone will have me returning for issue #2, though I would have been anyway despite it.

David Marquez and Justin Ponsor are a lock for me, as their work on Ultimate Spider-Man was flawless. That same level of quality can be found in Invincible Iron Man #1, and the new armor looks as good throughout the issue as it does on the cover. Marquez is a master of delivering quality, engaging work while characters aren’t in costume or smashing and fighting, and through two thirds of this issue that is what he does extremely well. His amazing work when things cut loose is just all the more evident toward the final pages and this is just a good looking comic from start to finish. Ponsor’s colour work is aces and if you read USM, you know what this duo is capable of. This is the best looking Iron Man comic to hit shelves in a very long time.

Invincible Iron Man #1 is a big budget action movie in comic book format and does a great job of being accessible to every level of fan regardless of their knowledge of Iron Man continuity. Bendis, Marquez and Ponsor are a power team that isn’t rivaled by many in comics and they deliver a rock solid story here. I was entertained, the cliffhanger shocked me, and I’ll be back for issue #2 without question.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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