Advance Review: THE REMAINS #2

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by A.C. Zamudio
Published by Monkeybrain Comics
Release Date: April 9, 2014

DIG019147_1This comic is creepy as hell.

I have no idea how else to say that and properly discuss just how creepy The Remains #2 is. Cullen Bunn does an amazing job of immediately cranking the tension of this story through the roof and keeping the hair of the back of your neck standing up from start to finish….and for a couple hours after. There is a brimming eeriness that is ever present throughout the comic, and with each passing page it puts the reader more on edge, waiting for the inevitable scariness to be unleashed. Bunn does a great job of making this horror/thriller a mental game and not a “throw a ton of ugly monsters in front of you” book, which makes it all the more terrifying. His dialogue is fantastic, and telling the story through the viewpoint of a young girl adds immensely to the creepiness of this comic. Readers are constantly worried about her safety, it’s impossible not to, and the threats within the pages seem far scarier due to the age of the protagonist. Bunn writes every character well, keeping their interactions realistic, even given the circumstances he places them in. This issue is paced brilliantly and Bunn does a great job of never tipping his hand as to what is really going on in The Remains.

A.C. Zamudio’s artwork is pitch perfect for this story, keeping the tension high and dealing with the grotesque aspects brilliantly. Her work captures the innocence of the kids in the story while also giving weight to all the creepy elements that she and Bunn are working into this tale. Cole Jensen is vile and difficult to even look at, and Zamudio does an excellent job of evoking the feelings Birdie would have around him. Her artwork really gives this story a lot of life, and at times, heart, amidst the terror that could be unleashed at any given second. Her linework is extremely strong and her storytelling skills are exceptional. Her visuals had me on edge from panel 1, and terrified for the family, (who she made me care about in a grand total of two pages) for the rest of the issue. The colour work by Carlos Nicolas Zamudio enhances the artwork and gives the environment a very rich tone, making the settings lifelike and dynamic. Being a digital first story, the colour work really makes the images leap from the screen, and takes this engrossing artwork to the next level.

The last time a comic made the hair stand up on the back of my neck like this was Locke & Key, and that’s saying something. Fans of that series will love The Remains, and issue #2 is another fine chapter in what looks to be a very well crafted horror/thriller series. Bunn’s writing is excellent and Zamudio’s art is strong, creating a winner for only $0.99. This is a spine-tingling story that grips you in and doesn’t let go, and Bunn & Zamudio have me dying to read #3.

The Verdict: 9.0/10



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