Alternative Comics Announces December Releases

Alternative Comics has announced their December, 2017 releases. FOC date is November 2, 2017.

Nurse Nurse
by Katie Skelly 

The debut graphic novel by My Pretty Vampire creator Katie Skelly is back. What is Nurse Nurse? It is a comic book about the future. It is a prediction about television. It is a cautionary tale about butterflies. It is science fiction for all kinds of people. Have an adventure. A Sparkplug production. Back in stores for the first time since the original publication. Digital edition will be out same day and date.

160 page 6″x8″ black and white paperback

Diamond Code:  OCT171109

The Willows #2 (of 2)
by Nathan Carson & Sam Ford

A series of cosmic events n a crumbling sandbar in the Danube River come to a sanity-shattering climax in the second and final issue of The Willows. Sam Ford’s stunningly detailed illustrations bring Nathan Carson’s faithful distillation of Angernon Blackwood’s weird horror classic to screaming life in this definitive graphic adaptation.

28 page full color comic book

In Shops: December, 2017
Diamond Code:


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