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Preview: RIVERDALE #7

Preview: RIVERDALE #7

RIVERDALE #7 Dilton Doiley has always been a little…borderline, but when his science teacher tells the class about an astronomical event they’ll be observing, Dilton’s worst fears are confirmed—the end of the world is nigh! As he takes drastic steps to prepare, Jughead is caught in a dilemma—should he humor Dilton or try to stop

Alternative Comics Announces December Releases

Alternative Comics has announced their December, 2017 releases. FOC date is November 2, 2017. Nurse Nurse by Katie Skelly  The debut graphic novel by My Pretty Vampire creator Katie Skelly is back. What is Nurse Nurse? It is a comic book about the future. It is a prediction about television. It is a cautionary tale about butterflies. It

Preview: MADE MEN #2

Made Men #2 (W) Paul Tobin (A) Arjuna Susini (C) Gonzalo Duarte (L) Saida Temofonte (CA) Arjuna Susini with Gonzalo Duarte Age Rating: Mature Audiences Genre: Action/Comedy Price: $3.99 Page Count: 32 Detroit police officer Jutte Shelley (aka Jutte Frankenstein) has brought her ambushed squad back from the dead, but they’re… different, now. After all,

Preview: DEAD OF WINTER #3

Dead of Winter #3 (W) Kyle Starks (A/C) Gabo (L) Crank! (CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree Age Rating: Mature Audiences Genre: Horror/Comedy Price: $3.99 Page Count: 32 The zombie apocalypse keeps on keeping on. Our heroes have escaped the clutches of the terrifying and psychopathic Officer Friendly, but is he hot on their tails?