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Review: IRON FIST #1

Review: IRON FIST #1

IRON FIST #1 Written by Ed Brisson Art by Mike Perkins, Andy Troy, & Travis Lanham Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: March 22, 2017 Punch up, not down. Danny has lost his connection to the energy that fuels the Iron Fist. Without K’un-Lun, without the Fist, he’s lost and aimless, wandering the world for

Representation and Health 101: SUPERBOY Jon Kent

It’s time for a SUPER new Representation and Health 101. Ever since his introduction, I’ve felt like this character represented something new and hopeful for comics. Jon Kent, son of Superman, exposes a raw emotionality that is important for kids, young boys especially, and a gaping hole in how we discuss emotions in comics. He’s

Review: AMERICA #1

AMERICA #1 Written by Gabby Rivera Art by Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Paolo Rivera, Jose Villarrubia, & Travis Lanham Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: March 1, 2017 America is hope and America’s got you. Interdimensional travel is no big for America Chavez, but her relationship and education are. With an unsuspected shake-up, she feels

Representation and Health 101: Jory from THE BACKSTAGERS

It’s Representation and Health 101 Time! Last year, I did an entire month of articles about black characters and issues in comics, but there’s no way in hell I have the energy for that again (maybe next year!). However, I wanted to pick someone I thought represented an important part of black liberation and the

Queer Visibility Interview: Visaggio and Donovan Are Go with QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO

Black Mask Studio continues to grind out high quality and interesting creator-owned work that challenged their reader’s perceptions — and Quantum Teens are GO is no exception. The second title from writer Magdalene Vissaggio, Quantum Teens follows Nat and Susmesh through the adventure of their lives. We sat down with Visaggio and artist Eryk Donovan