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Review: ELEKTRA #1

Review: ELEKTRA #1

ELEKTRA #1 Written by Matt Owens Art by Juann Cabal, Antonio Fabela, Marcio Menyz, & Cory Petit Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: February 22, 2017 Red is always her color. Elektra likes hiding in plain sight, and she’s willing to chill at a casino to avoid her usual schtick. Yet, she comes to the

Representation and Health 101: Jory from THE BACKSTAGERS

It’s Representation and Health 101 Time! Last year, I did an entire month of articles about black characters and issues in comics, but there’s no way in hell I have the energy for that again (maybe next year!). However, I wanted to pick someone I thought represented an important part of black liberation and the

Interview: Visaggio and Donovan Are Go with QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO

Black Mask Studio continues to grind out high quality and interesting creator-owned work that challenged their reader’s perceptions — and Quantum Teens are GO is no exception. The second title from writer Magdalene Vissaggio, Quantum Teens follows Nat and Susmesh through the adventure of their lives. We sat down with Visaggio and artist Eryk Donovan

Representation and Health 101: Milestones and Legacies

Last time in Representation and Health, we broke down Priest’s work, message, and ideas about race in comics. Today, we’re going to cover another prominent black creator, one whom we all miss. No one can deny the impact Dwayne McDuffie left on comics, whether from his outspoken stances about race and racism in comics, to


STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL #1 Written by Cullen Bunn & Chris Eliopoulos Art by Luke Ross, Nolan Woodard, Joe Caramagna, & Jordie Bellaire Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: February 1, 2017 Both the master and the student have their own secrets. Darth Maul is a hunter, searching for suitable prey. Intergalactic monsters are no


ODYSSEY OF THE AMAZONS #1 Written by Kevin Grevioux Art by Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Tony Washington, Tony Avina, & Saida Temofonte Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 25, 2017 Warriors journey to find their own. For five years, a group of Amazons chosen by their Queen Hippolyta have scoured the world for others