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Review: AMERICA #4

Review: AMERICA #4

AMERICA #4 Written by Gabby Rivera Art by Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle, Joe Rivera, Jose Villarrubia, Jordan Gibson, & Travis Lanham Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 21, 2017 Focus on the portal. America has been thrust through time and dimension, learning important lessons culminating in an important battle. She’d love to throw a

Interview: Visaggio and Cabrera Hit the Battlefield with KIM AND KIM

The fighting Kims are back for another round in the upcoming Love is a Battlefield. After the events of This Glamorous, High-Flying Rock Star Life, this astronomical duo has spent some time playing the bounty game and they aren’t quite who they were when we first met them. Kim & Kim writer Mags Visaggio and artist Eva


STEVEN UNIVERSE #4 Written by Melanie Gillman Art by Katy Farina, Whitney Cogar, Mike Fiorentino, & Grace Park Published by BOOM! Studios Release Date: May 31, 2017 Peridot learns a lesson! It’s Ren Faire time! Steven and Amethyst introduce Peridot to a new side of Beach City and she is not that enthusiastic about it. However,

Review: JEAN GREY #2

JEAN GREY #2 Written by Dennis Hopeless Art by Victor Ibanez, Jay David Ramos, Chris Sotomayor & Joe Caramagna Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: May 24, 2017 Who understands the Phoenix? Jean is looking for answers, so she seeks out the previous avatars of the Phoenix. After seeing one of them is in trouble


DEATHSTROKE #19 Written by Priest, Benjamin Percy, & Dan Abnett Art by Carlo Pagulayan, Roberto J. Viacava, Jason Paz, Sean Parsons, Jeromy Cox, Willie Schubert, & Larry Hama Published by DC Comics Release Date: May 24, 2017 Fix your mistakes. Slade has Wally shook and two teams of Titans are pulling together the straying threads