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Learning to Love the LEGION: Legion 101

Learning to Love the LEGION: Legion 101

Before we dive into actual Legion of Super-Heroes comics, I think it’d be helpful to do a big, bird’s eye view of what the Legion is, its publication history, and why it can be so intimidating to new readers. Then we’ll cap off with some recommendations for good starting points. What is the Legion of

Review: SUPERGIRL #26

SUPERGIRL #26 Written by Marc Andreyko Art by Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons, Scott Hanna, Wade Von Grawbadger, FCO Plascencia, Chris Sotomayor, Tom Napolitano Edited by Jessica Chen, Brian Cunningham Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 16, 2019 Supergirl finds herself in the Vega Sector, in the hands of Harry Hokum. Will the Omega Men help

Review: HAWKMAN #8

HAWKMAN #8 Written by Robert Venditti Art by Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Andy Owens, Jeremiah Skipper, Starkings & Comicraft Edited by Andrew Marino, Marie Javins Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 16, 2019 Hawkman’s quest to uncover his past and atone for his sins leads him to the ruins of Krypton and an encounter


MARTIAN MANHUNTER #1 Written by Steve Orlando Art by Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, Deron Bennett Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Jamie S. Rich Published by DC Comics Release Date: December 5, 2018 J’onn J’onnz was a corrupt cop on Mars before his world burned. Now, in his new life on Earth, a gruesome murder will bring

Review: GO-BOTS #1

GO-BOTS #1 Written by Tom Scioli Art by Tom Scioli Edited by David Hedgecock Published by IDW Publishing Release Date: November 21, 2018 A world where humans live side-by-side with transforming robots called Go-Bots… But can they live in harmony for much longer? Go-Bots #1 is unique, particularly for a corporate licensed comic: It’s a


ELECTRIC WARRIORS #1 Written by Steve Orlando Art by Travel Foreman, Hi-Fi, Travis Lanham Edited by Brittany Holzherr, Jamie S. Rich Published by DC Comics Release Date: November 13, 2018 In the distant future, Earth sends two champions to participate in combat diplomacy as Electric Warriors. Electric Warriors #1 is the first issue in a six-part miniseries depicting


GREEN LANTERN/HUCKLEBERRY HOUND SPECIAL #1 Written by Mark Russell and J.M. DeMatteis Art by Rick Leonardi, Dan Green, Ande Parks, Tom Mandrake, Steve Buccellato, Hi-Fi, Wes Abbott and Travis Lanham Edited by Liz Erickson, Harvey Richards, Jim Chadwick Published by DC Comics Release Date: October 31, 2018 In the early 70s, vietnam vet John Stewart


CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE #1 Written by Tim Seeley, Gary Dauberman, Vita Ayala, Kenny Porter Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, Mags Visaggio, Michael Moreci, Bryan Hill, Dave Wielgosz, and James Tynion IV Art by Kyle Hotz, Riccardo Fedirici, Victor Ibáñez, Riley Rossmo, Gabriel Hardman, Minkyu Jung, Dexter Soy, Christian Duce, Felipe Watanabe  Mark Buckingham, Jonas Trindade, Andrew Pepoy, FCO Plascencia,