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The Color of Solitude is Black

The Color of Solitude is Black

It starts with three friends and a robbery. Apparently, what seems to be a case of a group of men committing a crime, really is a case of evocation and solitude. In this sense, it is probably more a story about the city and its hidden places than a lawbreaking story. Color de hormiga by Emmanuel

SUEÑOS ROTOS: SOFÍA: Illusions That Become Real Nightmares

These days, we tend to consider boredom as a kind of disease, something that we have to avoid at any cost. It is common to hear phrases like: “boredom is the mother of all vices.” Boredom is the result of “having too much free time,” therefore being bored is being lazy, unproductive, indifferent. “There is

Images that Can Be Touched: Patricio Betteo’s CINCO

Our first contact with the world is through sensation. We first experience and feel. We see, we smell, we touch, and after that, we translate the sensations into thoughts, into words that we can communicate to others and to ourselves. We first experience the world, and then we create a language to understand it. Although

Breaking Boundaries with CUERVO ELÉCTRICO

In a world where the Internet has been exceeded and technology has a decisive influence in human behaviour, in a place not very different from our world, a heroine emerges. Gaby, better known as Cuervo eléctrico, is a woman who can find information in the most hidden places of Nervo, a gigantic network. Nervo once

Instants, Musical Notes, and the Colours of SALON DESTINO

Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to feel that fire that burns our emotions and makes us feel unique, the owners of a great treasure. And for a moment, we really have a treasure: an instant where we feel that the whole world lies in our lover’s arms, that brief moment where time avoids

The Illusion of Remembering: Enrique Bonet’s LA ARAÑA DEL OLVIDO

La araña del olvido is a graphic novel written by Enrique Bonet and published by Astiberri in 2015. This graphic novel is based on a true story, telling of the journey of Agustín Penón. Penón was an American journalist with a Spanish background, who travels to Spain, to investigate on the death of the poet

Comics with a Spanish Accent: the 34th Barcelona Comic and Manga Fair

The 34th edition of the Barcelona Comic and Manga Fair took place May 5-8 in Barcelona, Spain. This fair is one of the most important and biggest events about comics in Europe and this year’s edition was particularly interesting. This year, the event hosted international guests like Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Cyril Pedrosa, and Zerocalcare

Writing Images and Drawing Words in DIARO DE UNA TOMA

Considering how volatile and intricate the visual arts can be nowadays, we cannot claim that there is only one way to express an idea, a story, or even a feeling in visual language. Even so, it is rare to find works that really experiment with the possibilities of the visual language. That is why discovering