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Review: MAESTROS #1

Review: MAESTROS #1

MAESTROS #1 Written by Steve Skroce Art by Steve Skroce, Dave Stewart, and Fonografiks Published by Image Comics Release Date: October 18, 2017 Combine Harry Potter, Camelot, Percy Jackson and recent comics Saga and Curse Words and you get something like Maestros. Chances are if you like any or all of the aforementioned sagas then

Music and the Makers: Bringing Life to Comic Books

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. – Plato It may sound like an advertising tag line, but music inspires our lives. One of the first things we do when getting in our car

Cómix Latinx Interview: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez on LA BORINQUEÑA

There is a beautiful woman from an island paradise with super powers granted to her by the gods that has become very popular lately. She can fly, has super strength, and a star on her chest, but she isn’t an Amazonian princess. Her name is La Borinqueña and she is Puerto Rico’s very own super

Cómix Latinx Interview: Stephanie Barros on Her Webcomic FANTASMA

You have just died. Everything is black but in the distance you can see a light. A colorful light. You stumble forward towards it hoping to find the afterlife somewhere ahead. You reach it and find…a piñata? Confused you stretch out your arm to touch the multi-colored party decoration and it attacks you.  You try to hit it


THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL #3 Story by Simon Spurrier Art by Kelly Matthews and Nicole Matthews Published by BOOM! Studios Release Date: May 24, 2017 “She is part of you, as we all are part of each other,” reveals the oracle Aughra in the 1982 cult classic movie The Dark Crystal. Over the

Cómix Latinx Interview: Hector Rodriguez on EL PESO HERO

“Cartel fights back after boss killed in Reynosa; City hammered by gunfire and exploding grenades on Saturday morning,” reads a recent headline about the Mexican border town of Reynosa. It’s not a TV show, action movie, or even a comic book story line, this is real life. If it were fictional then the call would go