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Transmyscira: No Country For Old Women

Transmyscira: No Country For Old Women

It all started innocently enough. I was in a conversation trying to find a way to frame why I have a bit less patience, a bit of a shorter temper, and a bit less of a willingness to give the benefit of doubt these days. So I did what most people do, and searched my

Transmyscira: A Mandate for Change (or, I Won an Eisner Last Night)

I won an Eisner last night for a single page that I scripted and my best friend drew. An Eisner I share with not just her, but dozens of creators, including most of my heroes that either made me want to make comics professionally or inspired me to dig in and stay the course when

Interview: Charretier and Colinet Return to THE INFINITE LOOP

Usually, the return of a beloved series, like Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet’s The Infinite Loop, a crowd funding darling and beautifully imaginative sci-fi call for solidarity with and among the marginalized, would be cause for major celebration but there’s a bittersweet quality to the occasion. Since the first volume debuted in 2015, projecting a

Queer Visibility Interview: Trungles Brings FAUNS AND FAIRIES to Life

After getting to chat with Meredith McClaren about her upcoming graphic novel Super Fun Sexy Times recently, I was left with an itch to find more creators to discuss sex and queer themes in comics from a positive, personal perspective digging into how their queerness impacts their work. Luckily, I was able to catch up

Interview: SUPER FUN SEXY TIMES with Meredith McClaren

Sex in comics. It’s be been a part of the medium since the very beginning, thanks to concepts like the “Tijuana Bible,” explicit strips that frequently featured cartoon characters and actual celebrities, passed around like contraband since the 1920s. The permissiveness around depicting sex in comics has yo-yoed throughout the intervening years from the Comics