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Review: THE FLASH #34

Review: THE FLASH #34

THE FLASH #34 Written by Joshua Williamson and Michael Moreci Art by Pop Mhan, Ivan Plascencia, and Steve Wands Published by DC Comics Release Date: November 8, 2017 Remember Meena? That STAR labs scientist that Barry fell for in the first arc and got sucked into the Speed Force? Well, she’s back, has a black version

Hated, Feared, and Scared: The Narrative Fail of THE X-MEN

Hate has never been more in vogue than it has been in 2017. Without getting political, just take a quick gander at your favorite news outlet and within seconds you’ll see blistering headlines of social, racial, and economic divide. Whether it’s political rallies that turn deadly, unspeakable violence in the name of heinous ideologies —

Mary Jane, Mary Sue, and the Rise of Forever Carlyle

Hey, describe Mary Jane Watson for me. Should be easy enough, she’s been around since 1965. That’s over 50 years of Spider-Man storylines to draw from! Go on, I’ll wait. Got an answer? It’s probably a small-paragraph in length, right? Nice job. Now take that small, fully-functional paragraph and remove the words “Spider-Man,” “red hair,”