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HERoes: Kelly Fitzpatrick

HERoes: Kelly Fitzpatrick

We get a chance to have a no pressure conversation about comics with female creators in the community. Their creativity is inspiring to people throughout the comic fandom who enjoy their work. They are our HERoes. Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick is working on some of the more fanciful and most creative comics being printed right now, such as Dark Engine from


THE HANGOUT featuring Brenden Fletcher: August 18, 2014

The co-writer of Gotham Academy & Batgirl, Marvel Knights, and artist of Wednesday Comics joins the girls of the Hangout!   Follow Brenden Fletcher on twitter: Related stories: DC Announces New Creative Team on BATGIRL DC Comics announces ARKHAM MANOR and GOTHAM ACADEMY    



CAPTAIN MARVEL #6Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick Art by David LopezPublished by Marvel ComicsRelease Date: August 13, 2014 After lots of humorous, diplomatic interactions, or at least as diplomatic as the straight-forward, take no crap Carol Danvers can be, the throw-down is finally here. DeConnick does a solid job of tying a neat bow around loose


MOM’S COVER WATCH: August 13, 2014

It’s a week of strength: strong ladies, strong artists and strong images. The mother of all comics takes a look a the covers that visually leap off the comic stands for the week of August 13, 2014. GHOST #7 Cover art by Jenny Frison Published by Dark Horse Comics The beauty of Ghost gets a digital graphic


HERoes: Erica Schultz

Welcome to a brand new series by Comicosity, where we get a chance to have a no pressure conversation about comics with female creators in the community. Often female creators are pushed to sell their books, justify their actions, to say why they should be hired over “more traditional creators.” Instead, I wanted a chance just


THE HANGOUT featuring Kevin Wada: August 11, 2014

Marvel (She-Hulk) cover artist Kevin Wada is joining the girls of the Hangout to expand on the tidbits he gave them at Heroes Con 2014, talk about the potential of doing sequential interiors in the future and the books that he’d love to tackle the most. Kevin on twitter Hangout Special from Heroes Con



SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #14 Written by Nick Spencer Art by Steve Lieber, Rich Ellis Published by Marvel Comics Release date: August 6, 2014 The non-linear progression of just what happened during the big heist with the five villains (which might finally be changing next issue) of the Sinister Six continues to unfold. This issue


Review: SIP KIDS #1

SIP (Strangers in Paradise) KIDS #1 Written by Terry Moore Art by Terry Moore and Steve Hamaker Published by Abstract Studios Release date: August 6, 2014 In a Charlie Brown fashion, Terry Moore has gathered up the characters of his epic comedic drama, Strangers In Paradise and transported them back to kindergarten. Just like the original series,