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WE TALK COMICS Episode 162: What’s Up Pitches?

WE TALK COMICS Episode 162: What’s Up Pitches?

Well, it had to happen. We Talk Comics has been on an undeniable roll, but when you’re getting 4 guys together to do a podcast you occasionally go off the rails, and this episode does just that. With the topic of pitching TV shows based on comic books the man who gave us the episode


Interview: Ennis and Braun Rebirth SIXPACK AND DOGWELDER

When we talked to Garth Ennis last year about returning to some of the heroes he made popular through his time on Hitman, who knew we’d be getting even more in 2016? But this week sees the launch of Sixpack and Dogwelder #1 — an EVEN MORE unpredictable title from DC Comics than All-Star Section



Music, music. I hear music. Music over my head… Okay, so the latest We Talk Comics isn’t a podcast about the great band King’s X (though that would be awesome) but it is about music. Specifically it’s about the themes, soundtracks and memories associated with comic books in film and TV. And as usual the


WE TALK COMICS Episode 158: Byrne After Reading

We Talk Comics sometimes has controversy, sometimes argument, sometimes soapboxing. Not this week. This episode, the team gets together to enjoy their shared love of a comic creator whose work helped shape super-hero comics from the Big 2 for a generation before again breaking new ground on creator owned properties. Few comic creators have had