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WE TALK COMICS Episode 114: Defining Indie

WE TALK COMICS Episode 114: Defining Indie

It’s time to talk indie comics with We Talk Comics! Keith and Chris are joined by Chris Charlton, owner of Assailant Comics to talk about comics outside of the Big Two, and so much more. On top of that, co-host Chris is humiliated several times in a single episode, so you know you have to


Read Between the Lines: Happy Turkey Day from the Batman Family

In a Thanksgiving image released Tuesday, we get a glimpse at the Batman: Eternal cast having the most awkward Thanksgiving I can imagine. But who are a few of the mystery faces? And who is missing? (Right-click to download enlarged version) Left: ? Older man with white hair: Philip Kane is the safe money. There


Read Between the Lines: Crisis on Infinite Wolverines

Age of Ultron ends not with a bang, but with complete nonsense. Once again the double standard of Marvel fan rage compared to DC fan rage has left me flumoxed. Marvel has essentially done Flashpoint, integrating the Ultimate Universe and Angela into the Marvel Universe and no one seems to have noticed. Age of Ultron


Read Between the Lines: Who is Batwing?

The introduction of a new Batwing in April is building a bit of mystery. Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have hinted that the new Batwing may be a someone readers already know. In their recent interview with Comicosity, Palmiotti and Gray said that their vision of Batwing will tie closer to Batman Incorporated and the