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WE TALK COMICS Special: A Candid Conversation With Steve Englehart

WE TALK COMICS Special: A Candid Conversation With Steve Englehart

If We Talk Comics promises a great interview we always deliver, & on the latest show we deliver in spades with Steve Englehart. Steve’s writing has influenced the comics world not only from his writing and characterization directly but in how Steve Englehart has impacted creators following in his path who’ve read his work. As well, the


WE TALK COMICS LIVE: Edmonton Expo 2015

Brett and Chris are heading up the road to the Edmonton Expo, and they returned with this panel. Joining Brett and Chris on stage is artist Marcus To (The Hacktivist), and publisher of Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alexander Finbow. Alexander replaces Kurtis Wiebe (Rat Queens, Pisces) who was supposed to appear on the panel, but well,


We Talk Comics Interview Special: Dan Jurgens & Lois & Clark

It’s 2015 Triangle #2 as Dan Jurgens returns to We Talk Comics to talk about the new title he’s writing, Superman: Lois & Clark! Keith and Chris have a ton of questions to ask Dan about writing Superman past and present. And they get to those questions right after they get in come good talk


WE TALK COMICS Episode 140: Doing A Double Take

10 #1s. All released on the same day. All connected in one universe. All free on Comixology. No, this isn’t a plan from Marvel or DC. This is the launch of the brand-new comics line from Double Take Comics. Led by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas, Double Take has launched 10 comics in a shared



KFC PRESENTS: THE COLONEL OF TWO WORLDS Written by Shaine Edwards & Tony Bedard Art by Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi Published by DC Comics Release Date: October 7, 2015 To be clear from the start, this review is not ironic. This is not a clever-clever or snarky look at this comic. The Colonel


WE TALK COMICS Episode 135: Adventures In Pulp

Get ready for a great podcast Chris and Keith sit down with Brett Harris and Matthew Childers to talk about their web comic ‘Adventures In Pulp’ and an upcoming Kickstarter. Of course the conversation does veer away from their great web comic eventually and we discuss Matthew’s ‘Army of Darkness’ comic book work and what