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Interview: James Robinson on WONDER WOMAN and the Jason Question

Interview: James Robinson on WONDER WOMAN and the Jason Question

It’s been over a year since Geoff Johns dropped the bomb in Justice League and DC Universe: Rebirth. Not only was Grail, daughter of Darkseid, born on Themyscira in the same early hours as Diana, but Diana herself did not come into the world alone. Her younger twin, Jason, was also born of the union

Interview: Jeremy Whitley Returns to the High Seas with PRINCELESS

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing a severe lack of all-ages lesbian pirate adventures in my comic stack lately. While Raven, the Pirate Princess — and her older sister title Princeless — have been on a little break from Action Lab Entertainment, the titles are ready to come roaring back this fall

Interview: Lopresti and Simone Reunite for WONDER WOMAN/CONAN

Wonder Woman is certainly having a banner year, between the epic success of her film and a critically-acclaimed ongoing title. And now, two of Wonder Woman’s acclaimed past creators are back to tell a brand new story, teaming the Amazon Princess with the original Barbarian himself, Conan! Artist Aaron Lopresti and writer Gail Simone have

Bogey Men: Scott Snyder, SEVERED, and THE BLACK MIRROR

When I was a little kid, probably about six or seven years old, I had this recurring nightmare: A tall thin man would float outside my second floor bedroom window. He was always dressed in a black business suit, and had a gaunt profile with thinning white hair. I could never quite make out his features through the

Queer Visibility Interview: Andrew Wheeler Goes FREELANCE [Part 2]

Yesterday, we sat down with writer Andrew Wheeler to chat about the first volume of Freelance, Chapterhouse Books’ revitalization of Golden Age hero Lance Valiant. No stranger to analysis and criticism of queer representation himself, Wheeler continues in conversation with Senior Editor Matt Santori to chat about writing gay characters, introducing their sexuality on the

Queer Visibility Interview: Andrew Wheeler Goes FREELANCE [Part 1]

When someone mentions the Golden Age of comics to you, you probably think Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, right? Alan Scott, Namor, Human Torch, Jay Garrick. But what about Lance Valiant? One of Canada’s earliest Golden Age heroes — and one whose absence from the comics scene has been protracted enough to return him