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Queer Visibility: JUGHEAD, an Ace, and Her Comic

Queer Visibility: JUGHEAD, an Ace, and Her Comic

I remember reading Jughead #10 and one page into the issue, tweeting this: It hurts how much I relate to Jughead sometimes. It’s too real #thatacespectrumlife — 🎃Mexi G @ LACC 🕸 (@thatmexisaurus) October 27, 2016 I have a little open secret. It’s weird for me to say “secret”, because it’s not exactly like

Interview: Rucka, Greenwood & Hill Dish About STUMPTOWN

From transporting expensive coffee to finding out whether a wife is cheating on her husband, P.I. Dex Parios is on the case! I interviewed Greg Rucka, Justin Greenwood, and Ryan Hill on the upcoming volume of Stumptown. Mexi Gremillion: I’d heard of Kopi Luwak vaguely before I read Stumptown Volume 4, but I never thought I’d

Review: DOOM PATROL #2

DOOM PATROL #2 Written by Gerard Way Art by Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain Published by DC Comics/Young Animal Release Date: October 12, 2016 Way’s imprint Young Animal is doing wonders in bringing back strange and lesser known titles in the DC Universe, harkening back to feelings I remember having when reading Vertigo in the past.

Interview: Kaplan, Timpano & Northrop Talk ECLIPSE

A not-so-distant future ruined by the sun. An underground New York City. And a series of bizarre murders. I interviewed Zack Kaplan, Giovanni Timpano, and Chris Northrop about their  thrilling new series, ECLIPSE! Mexi Gremillion: Zack, Eclipse takes place in a terrible post apocalyptic reality where, ten years before the present events, there was a