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Review: KICK-ASS #1

Review: KICK-ASS #1

KICK-ASS #1 Written by Mark Millar Art by John Romita Jr., Peter Stiegerwald, Megan Madrigal, John Workman, and Melina Mikulic Edited by Rachel Fulton Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 14, 2018 Amidst the announcement that Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. were releasing a new Kick-Ass series was a lot of confusion. This


YOUNG MONSTERS IN LOVE #1 Written by Various (see below) Art by Various (see below) Published by DC Comics Release Date: February 7, 2018 When DC Comics advertised Young Monsters in Love as “The Valentine’s Day Special that no one saw coming!” They were not kidding around. This was one of the most surprising, touching,


IMAGINARY FIENDS #1 Written by Tim Seeley Art by Stephen Molnar, Quinton Winter, Carlos M. Mangual Published by Vertigo Comics Release Date: November 22, 2017 Imaginary Fiends #1 is a Vertigo book through and through, and it dredges up memories of vintage horror and imaginative mystery. A mix between Beetlejuice and Men in Black, Imaginary

Review: COYOTES #1

COYOTES #1 Written by: Sean Lewis Art by: Caitlin Yarsky Published by Image Comics Release Date: November 8, 2017 In Coyotes #1, writer Sean Lewis and artist Caitlin Yarsky drag us headfirst into a world that is part underworld, part fairy tale, and part gritty, disturbing reality. The City of Lost Girls is not all


BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #1 Creative Team: Rob Davis, Cathi Unsworth, Cara McGee, Will Potter, Carl Puttnam, Philip Bond, Aditya Bidikar, David Barnett, Martin Simmonds, Jamie Coe, Tini Howard, Gilbert Hernandez, Peter Milligan, Tess Fowler, Lee Loughridge, Cindy Whitehead, Nicole Goux, Frank Quitely Published by Black Crown Release Date: October 25th, 2017 If you have not