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Review: GREEN ARROW #25

Review: GREEN ARROW #25

GREEN ARROW #25 Written by Benjamin Percy Art by Otto Schmidt and Nate Piekos Published by DC Comics Release Date: June 21, 2017 “The Rise of Star City” has taken it’s toll on the entirety of Team Arrow. Oliver is back from the “dead” and facing legal trouble, Black Canary remains at large fighting the

Review: BATMAN #25

BATMAN #25 Written by Tom King Art by Mikel Janín, June Chung, and Clayton Cowles  Published by DC Comics Release Date: June 21, 2017 It’s been hinted at, it’s been teased, and it’s finally here. “The War of Jokes and Riddles” comes crashing into the Batman Universe and King opens the story as a brutally

Interview: Around the Marvel Universe with Al Ewing

The Marvel Universe has been to unique and strange places under Al Ewing’s pen. He’s shown the grounded Heroes being Mighty Avengers, made the premiere Marvel Superhero Team with The Ultimates, and made Sunspot a super spy inside the pages of New Avengers and evolved his adventures into U.S. Avengers. Suffice it to say, Ewing

Interview: Dan Jurgens Aftermaths with ACTION COMICS

The legendary DC Comics title Action Comics is on a path. With Dan Jurgens writing, we’re slowly charting towards one of the biggest milestones in comics with Action Comics #1,000 and freshly reeling from a Superman Event that completely changes Superman’s place in the DCU landscape…it’s an interesting time to be a Superman fan across