Best Of 2016: Colourists

The year is winding to a close, which got us to thinking… what were the best comics of the year? The Comicosity staff has gathered and submitted their top picks of 2016, today being Best Colourist:

Allen Thomas

From Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #13

Tamra Bonvillain

There’s no way that Tamra Bonvillain CAN’T be the best colourist of 2016. Her use of warm and cool schemes to guide the tone of the story is not only remarkable, but it’s her signature style. I can always tell when she’s done work on a comic, and every issue she colors is the better for it.

Runner-Up: Rachelle Rosenberg


John Ernenputsch

Matt Wilson

In my opinion, the only way that Matt Wilson should ever be overlooked by anybody in this category is if that person doesn’t read a book with his name on the cover. Considering how many comics he colors, there can’t be many people meeting that criteria.

His work with Russell Dauterman helps make The Mighty Thor the most beautiful comic on the stands. He also works wonders collaborating with Chris Samnee on the beautiful Black Widow, and with Jamie McKelvie on The Wicked + The Divine.

The best part is that he doesn’t have a distinct style. His colors bring something different to the table depending on the series and artist he’s working with. The common denominator is that every book he works on looks amazing.

Runners-Up: Tamra BonvillainJordie Bellaire, Dean White


Emma Houxbois

From Hawkeye #1

Jordie Bellaire


Terrence Sage

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson makes The Wicked + The Divine and The Mighty Thor look stunning, and those two are not even remotely touching the surface of his work. All the way around, his defining crisp colors bring volume and depth to these utterly fantastic monthly titles and the covers to boot. The details, the inking, the highlights, etc. The process of making the vibrant colorful world that we read daily, weekly, and monthly is thanks in part to colorists like Wilson and he’s the best at what he does.


Doug Zawisza

From Doom Patrol #3

Tamra Bonvillain

Tamra Bonvillain infuses her work with subtelty and makes the mundane look pretty darn slick. Just grab any issue of Doom Patrol to see what she’s capable of. There’s over-the-top saturation, scaled-back, worn-down time-aged colors, and standard-issue comic stuff. After you check out DP, then check the credits of comics you’ve already read. She’s not as prolific as Jordie Bellaire (yet), but she has colored quite a few comics in 2016, with more on deck for 2017, I’m sure.

Runners-Up: Jordie Bellaire, Matt Wilson 


Matt Santori

From Wonder Woman #8

Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Bringing his color talent to such diverse books is a gift, but doing so with such consistency and richness is beyond impressive. From portraying the true loveliness of Paradise Island to illuminating the true brutality of Midnighter’s ass-kicking to the emotional fullness and emptiness of outer space, Fajardo has done it all in the last year and doesn’t look to be losing steam any time soon.

Runners-up: Laura Martin, Serge Lapointe, Mitch Gerads


Aaron Long

Matt Wilson

The heavyweight colourist champion of the world, Matt Wilson please come get your belt. Wilson is an unstoppable colouring force, unleashing his amazing craft on The Mighty Thor, The Unworthy Thor, Black Widow and much, much more. I have never come across an issue where his palette choices didn’t take the visuals to the next level and enhance the story immeasurably. In an industry where colourists are better than ever, Wilson’s name stood tall in 2016.

Runners-Up: Jordie Bellaire, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Rachelle Rosenberg


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