C2E2 2013: DC Comics All Access Panel


DC Entertainment gathered its forces for an early look Friday, April 26, 2013, at what’s coming up in The New 52! Joining the All Access panel was Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani (cowriters, The Green Team), Brian Azzarello (writer, Wonder Woman), Kyle Higgins (writer, Nightwing), Len Wein (writer, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias), Charles Soule (writer, Swamp Thing), and Freddie E. Williams (artist, The Movement). The panel was moderated by Bob Wayne, Senior VP at DC Entertainment.

Trinity War begins in July, running through Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark, with tie-ins appearing in Pandora, Constantine, and Phantom Stranger.

NTW_Cv21_1vqpw3i4mo_Kyle Higgins shares what’s coming up in Nightwing, with his move to Chicago — which garnered a huge round of applause in the audience. Figure that! Mythology is being built in the city, with all masked characters having been dead in Chicago for years. Once you see the Prankster’s motivation, his connection to Tony Zucco will become very apparent. Zucco as you may know is the man who killed Dick Grayson’s parents.

Charles Soule is having an incredible time writing Swamp Thing, and understands his fan base is incredibly passionate. He’s building on what Scott Snyder built, leading to a Constantine guest starring appearance in #22. Set in a small village in Scotland, “The Whiskey Tree” features a tree sprouting in the center of the village that dispenses the most amazing Scotch Whiskey that has ever been produced. All great, until it takes a horrific turn.

Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani are launching The Green Team this month through the New 52. how closely will it be tied to the greater universe? Pretty close, with Deathstroke in #3 and the Batmobile rolling through #2! Deathstroke hates the kids, but loves the money. They can do whatever they want with the money they have, because money means nothing to them. Like Michael Jackson with his glove, Green Team character Cecilia has a robotic arm that will inspire kids everywhere to want one.

ST_Cv22_pm1wkx02n7_Freddie E. Williams will be drawing The Movement (written by Gail Simone) debuting next week, with a mix of tones with an awful lot of story that really kills him to draw. All the characters are really fully realized with long histories, even if they are completely new to the DC Universe. Each issue is getting bigger and bigger.

Len Wein feels like Ozymandias gave him a real sense of closure to his involvement in the original book, especially in light of his plot disagreement with Alan Moore about the subject of the ultimate threat Ozymandias set up. Really wishes his book had been the last to ship because it leads directly into Watchmen, but J.G. Jones was running behind on The Comedian.

Fans can expect to see a version of Killer Croc in the Batman ’66 digital-first series. Hmmm.

Brian Azzarello is headed back into the 100 Bullets business, with Brother Lono. He never intended on going back to the series, but Eduardo Risso decided all of a sudden that it was time to tackle the book again, with more to be said about Lono. It will not be at all what fans expect, and Azzarello apologizes.

There will be a ten-page Kevin Maguire sequence in an upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us issue, featuring the heroes pummeling each other, of course.

DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology booklets will be headed to comic shops in May for free, giving fans an opportunity to spend a year arguing about the chronology!

WW_Cv22_6mg6s96i0d_Time for questions!

Q: I’m really enjoying seeing the Wildstorm characters integrated into the New 52. Can we see Icon, Rocket, Static and more from the Milestone Universe coming too?
A: (Wayne) We’ll work on that.

Q: What’s coming up for Azzarello’s story in Wonder Woman?
A: (Azzarello) I’m hesitant to reveal anything, but we’re going to New Genesis in two issues! The brilliance of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World filtered through my idiocy!

Q: Why no booth on the floor, DC Comics? And can Damian Wayne be brought back using the Talon serum?
A: (Wayne) We’re trying new things this year for C2E2 to see how it works out. And no.

Q: Kyle, why did you destroy the Western stop on the blue line in Nightwing?
A: (Higgins) I wanted a place that had a great vantage point of the Sears Tower in the background. Plus, I’ve lived in Wicker Park.

Q: How is Damian ten years old if Bruce only slept with Talia five years ago?
A: (Azzarello) Your No-Prize can be picked up at the door. (Laughter)

GRTEAM_Cv2_9dn649ujzh_Q: Since The Green Team will be about crazy money-spending in the DC Universe, will Most Excellent Super-Bat from Japan make an appearance?
A: (Baltazar) Now he will!

Q: Did you think you’d get blow-back for making Zeus Wonder Woman’s father and making War her mentor? Is that why War looks like you?
A: (Azzarello) We really wanted to take some risks and really hope other writers can do the same. And yes, Cliff is a funny, funny guy.

Q: Will we see Green Arrow and Black Canary interact in the New 52?
A: (Wayne) Maybe.

Q: Is there a way to portray people who have suffered from burns or display other scars as being something other than villains?
A: (Soule) That’s a really fantastic point, and something that will definitely affect how I write in the future. We need to keep that in mind as writers certainly.

SMUND_Cv1_q53uxls7jd_Q: Will we see other TV commercials for comic products in the future?
A: (Wayne) Yes!

Q: Can we see Young Justice come back to DC Nation?
A: (Wayne) You never know! Look at how fans who waited for Teen Titans Go to come back have been rewarded.

Q: Will we see Osiris and Isis come back in addition to Shazam and Black Adam?
A: (Wayne) You’ll see Geoff Johns’ Shazam stories collected in hardcover and then much more to come!

Q: Can we get reassurances that the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship will last a long while? It’s my favorite part of the New 52!
A: (Wayne) At least awhile!

Q: Any plans to expand the DC Universe in live action TV past Arrow?
A: (Wayne) Yes!

TRIN_PAND_Cv2_R1_wj6mev8c7i_Q: Will The Green Team and The Movement be connected?
A: (Aureliani) If Gail wants to throw down, we’re there!

Q: Is it true that the move from Hellblazer to Constantine is a way of watering down the character for a younger audience?
A: (Wayne) Give it a shot and see what you think as time goes on. Both #1 and #2 have sold out, and like Animal Man and Swamp Thing, we don’t see a huge difference in the way we portray the characters in and out of Vertigo.

Q: Isn’t Wonder Woman gravitating toward the one man in the world who is stronger than her completely against her core mission?
A: (Azzarello) Who says Superman is stronger than Wonder Woman?


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