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ACCESS ALL AGES: August 2013

ACCESS ALL AGES: August 2013

Summer is in full swing, and generally that means less time for reading as everyone wants to spend their time enjoying the great outdoors. Families go on vacations and the industry goes into summer hibernation post San Diego Comic Con. I remember summer vacations, and I remember picking up digest form comics to take with

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ACCESS ALL AGES: February 2013

Another month is in the books, not the greatest month for the all-ages set, with the final issue of Young Justice hitting the stores and middling sales figures, but with some fantastic news from the Kickstarter front. I think that Kickstarter is a great avenue for comic types to explore, and also a great way


ACCESS ALL AGES: January 2013

Welcome to the first official Access All Ages column. It’s the beginning of a new year, and while there is plenty of excitement about where the comic industry is going, there is lots of questions about the all-ages market. All-ages books have never sold very well and they are a labor of love for those