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Cómix Latinx: Hector Rodriguez on EL PESO HERO

Cómix Latinx: Hector Rodriguez on EL PESO HERO

“Cartel fights back after boss killed in Reynosa; City hammered by gunfire and exploding grenades on Saturday morning,” reads a recent headline about the Mexican border town of Reynosa. It’s not a TV show, action movie, or even a comic book story line, this is real life. If it were fictional then the call would go

Interview: SUPER FUN SEXY TIMES with Meredith McClaren

Sex in comics. It’s be been a part of the medium since the very beginning, thanks to concepts like the “Tijuana Bible,” explicit strips that frequently featured cartoon characters and actual celebrities, passed around like contraband since the 1920s. The permissiveness around depicting sex in comics has yo-yoed throughout the intervening years from the Comics

Interview: Dan Jurgens Aftermaths with ACTION COMICS

The legendary DC Comics title Action Comics is on a path. With Dan Jurgens writing, we’re slowly charting towards one of the biggest milestones in comics with Action Comics #1,000 and freshly reeling from a Superman Event that completely changes Superman’s place in the DCU landscape…it’s an interesting time to be a Superman fan across

Interview: Simeti Unleashes Affordable Titles From ALTERNA COMICS

“When I was young there was a time when you could take $10.00 and get more than just two comics books!” Have you heard a comic collector recall the days of affordable comic books? Maybe you fondly remember those days yourself as you spend a small fortune each week to empty your pull box. There

Interview: Segura and Rosenberg Hit the Road with THE ARCHIES

Archie Comics has been exploding the last few months, taking the comic market by storm and now network television. But they’re not done experimenting yet. The latest in a series of one-shots designed to serve as pilots for potential ongoing series, The Archies narrows in on the gang as they pick up instruments and become

Interview: Fletcher, Cloonan, and Kerschl on Wrapping GOTHAM ACADEMY

The Ballad of Olive Silverlock is on the horizon… and with it, the final arc of Gotham Academy: Second Semester. Jumping out of the shocking events of today’s issue #8, Gotham Academy’s own Detective Club will have to fight for the soul of their friend, in the conclusion of the story writers Brenden Fletcher, Becky