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Interview: Ngozi Ukazu Hits the Ice with CHECK, PLEASE!

Interview: Ngozi Ukazu Hits the Ice with CHECK, PLEASE!

If you’re a fan of web comics about good hockey boys, baking, friendship, or any joyous combination of the 3, chances are your are also a fan of Ngozi Ukazu’s hit webcomic Check, Please! Having garnered a huge online following and two massively successful Kickstarter campaigns to bring Check, Please! to print, Ukazu has signed

Interview: Constant and Walker Bring THE DEMON Down to Earth

2017 has been a hellish year, no doubt. So, what better way to turn that around — and continue the glourious celebration DC Comics has been hosting for the centennial birthday of legend Jack Kirby — than to literally bring Hell to Earth. And with it, comes its most famous citizen: the Demon Etrigan! Ha!

Interview: Deniz Camp Opens the Door To MAXWELL’S DEMONS

Vault Comics is one of the newer publishers hitting the scene with diverse creators and content, home to Heathen by Natasha Alterici, Zojaqan by Colin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Nathan Goodan, and now Maxwell’s Demons by writer Deniz Camp and artist Vittorio Astone. Camp was on hand to walk through some of the influences behind

Interview: Jeremy Whitley Returns to the High Seas with PRINCELESS

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing a severe lack of all-ages lesbian pirate adventures in my comic stack lately. While Raven, the Pirate Princess — and her older sister title Princeless — have been on a little break from Action Lab Entertainment, the titles are ready to come roaring back this fall

Interview: Lopresti and Simone Reunite for WONDER WOMAN/CONAN

Wonder Woman is certainly having a banner year, between the epic success of her film and a critically-acclaimed ongoing title. And now, two of Wonder Woman’s acclaimed past creators are back to tell a brand new story, teaming the Amazon Princess with the original Barbarian himself, Conan! Artist Aaron Lopresti and writer Gail Simone have