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Interview: Cullen Bunn Unleashes “Winter Wolves” On THE SIXTH GUN

Interview: Cullen Bunn Unleashes “Winter Wolves” On THE SIXTH GUN

The Sixth Gun has taken readers to a lot of places in its first 23 issues, and now Cullen Bunn is forcing Becky and Drake into an inhospitable realm and harsh, cold winter. Winter Wolves is the next arc of the hit series and Bunn recently gave Comicosity some insight as to what readers can

Interview: Wiebe & Jenkins Take PETER PANZERFAUST to Paris

This September, writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Tyler Jenkins open the second arc of their hit series Peter Panzerfaust. Panzerfaust has received copious amounts of critical acclaim and the second arc is one of the hottest anticipated storylines of the year. Wiebe and Jenkins recently took time from their schedules to discuss the series and what

Interview: Writer Jay Faerber Investigates POINTS OF IMPACT

One death affects many people in Points of Impact, the new creator owned series from writer Jay Faerber and artist Koray Kuranel. Nicole Rafferty’s death brings three different people together in unexpected ways and the mystery grows from there. Faerber recently took time to discuss the mini-series with Comicosity and what readers can expect from

Interview: Nathan Edmondson Discusses ULTIMATE COMICS IRON MAN

Marvel Comics announced at SDCC that Nathan Edmondson (The Activity) would be taking on a new mini-series in the Ultimate Universe focusing on everyone’s favourite man of iron. Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Demon In The Armor hits stores in October and Edmondson took time from his schedule to discuss what readers can expect from the

Interview: Writer Michael Moreci Dishes on HOAX HUNTERS

The truth is out there….yes, that line has been used…but, y’know what? Sometimes it just fits. With Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley’s Hoax Hunters, it fits perfectly. Hoax Hunters focuses on myths that well, aren’t. The terrors that are actually out there are more dangerous than you’d expect and the Hoax Hunters are there to