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Jim Henson’s The Storyteller has seen many themes over the years, and with the newest volume, BOOM! Studios is focusing on Giants. The first issue, which is in stores now, is written and drawn by Conor Nolan, who was kind enough to talk about his inspiration for the theme with Comicosity… Aaron Long: In this first

Interview: Tom King on BATMAN’s Intimate Reveal “I Am Suicide”

In any given extended run, a savvy reader can tell when everything really starts to click for a creative team. It’s usually just a feeling, that everything just feels right. But when said team begins to contribute major additions to a character’s canon that feel like they’ve been there all along, that’s when you know

Interview: Kadlecik, Steinkellner & Steinkellner Talk QUINCE

Quinceañera’s are stressful enough, even when you don’t get super powers! In Quince, 15-year-old Lupe gains exciting abilities during her Quinceañera, but with a catch—she only has her powers as long as she’s 15. I talked to Sebastian Kadlecik, Kit Steinkellner, and Emma Steinkellner about this upcoming series! Mexi Gremillion: Sebastian, you are the creator

Interview: Shalvey and Snyder Duke It Out in ALL-STAR BATMAN

Month in and month out, Scott Snyder has been delivering a literal wild ride in All-Star Batman, depicting Batman’s cross-country trip alongside old friend Harvey Dent and his other side, the nefarious Two-Face. But just like Two-Face, this book has a second side, one under the artistic direction of Declan Shalvey. Set prior to the

Interview: Keith Giffen Talks SUGAR AND SPIKE (and Everything Nice)

They’ve gone from DC’s most famous child stars to private detectives super-heroes call when things get a little too embarrassing for modern audiences. They’re Sugar and Spike, Metahuman Investigators, and surprise — they have veteran funnyman and DC Comics aficionado Keith Giffen at the helm. With a newly collected six-chapter trade paperback — newly compiled

Interview: Manning & Sommariva Talk BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES

At some point, we’ve all thought of amazing mash-ups we’d love to see. When two of those properties come together, it’s almost too much for the mind to fathom. Readers have recently seen Batman and the Turtles in the same series, but the animated universes…together? The excitement is absolutely palpable, and we’ve got the scoop

HERoes: Vita Ayala

We get a chance to have a pressure free conversation about comics with women in the comics creators community. Their creativity is inspiring to people throughout the fandom who enjoy their work. They are our HERoes. Vita Ayala caught the collective attention of the comics online social network with her work at DC Comics Most Wanted:

Interview: Erin Nations Pops Out with GUMBALLS

In the tradition of cartoon anthologies like Eightball and Optic Nerve, this December Top Shelf Productions introduces Gumballs, and new one-man comic anthology from Portland cartoonist Erin Nations. Taking a funny look at a variety of stories, including his own true-life story of gender transition, Nations brings his quirky humor and fascination with humanity to