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Interview: Venhaus & Bak Assemble the NIGHT OWL SOCIETY

Interview: Venhaus & Bak Assemble the NIGHT OWL SOCIETY

The Night Owl Society is coming! From IDW Publishing, this original mini-series is the brain-child of James Venhaus and Pius Bak, who gave Comicosity the scoop about the series (and brought along some preview pages and solicit info as well)! Aaron Long: Straight from the creators mouths: what is Night Owl Society? James Venhaus: The

Interview: Nadler and Thompson Dive Into THE DREGS

“Hard-boiled” just took on a brand new meaning as writers Lonnie Nadler and Zach Thompson introduce readers to The Dregs, a four-issue mini-series debuting next week from Black Mask Studio. Nadler and Thompson were on hand to tell Comicosity all about the development of the series and how they’re blending genres to focus in on

Interview: Kevin Grevioux Sets Sail on THE ODYSSEY OF THE AMAZONS

Long before Princess Diana left the shores of Themyscira, another Amazon — Hessia — went out into the world to rescue and re-discover her patron-blessed sisters in the world at large. Telling that epic tale of ancient Amazon legend is writer Kevin Grevioux, who sat down with Comicosity to talk about his first work for

Interview: Parker and Andreyko Mash Up BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77

We’ve seen Batman and Wonder Woman on movie and TV screens before — and certainly in the comics — but never like this! Writers Jeff Parker (Batman ’66) and Marc Andreyko (Wonder Woman ’77) have come together for the ultimate team-up across the ages. Comicosity sat down with the creators to find out how these

Interview: Barber & Ossio Roll Out The REVOLUTIONARIES

Revolution has wrapped and the Hasbro properties now exist in a shared universe. That universe poses unique challenges, and there’s a unique group of characters being assembled to handle them! Writer John Barber and artist Fico Ossio were kind enough to shed some light on who these Revolutionaries are and what will be coming at

Interview: Steve Orlando Assembles the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA [Part Two]

Earlier this week, we spoke with writer Steve Orlando about building the roster of the new Justice League of America, starting off with Atom and Vixen. Today we’re back to finish up discussion on the new Fab Four with insight from Orlando on The Ray and Killer Frost, both scheduled to debut Rebirth specials in

Interview: Steve Orlando Assembles the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA [Part One]

In the wake of this month’s Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event comes a brand new Justice League of America — and to get us there, DC Comics is spending the month reintroducing us to their newest members: The Atom, Vixen, The Ray, and Killer Frost. And at the center of the ongoing series and