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Interview: Steve Orlando on the Men that Inspire MIDNIGHTER

Interview: Steve Orlando on the Men that Inspire MIDNIGHTER

This week, Midnighter begins its second arc with the big M facing off against his erstwhile boyfriend in disguise, Prometheus, and Comicosity has the EXCLUSIVE preview right here. But before we dive in this Wednesday with the big battle, writer Steve Orlando has opened up his head and spilled out something juicy. Before he put


Interview: Keith Giffen Remixes the JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 [+ Exclusive Preview of #6!]

The Thirty-First Century. Not a Legion in sight. But we have Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Starro the Conquerer. A female Guy Gardner. A radioactive turtle boy. The original Supergirl. TWO Batmans? An evil Lois Lane? And a Justice League about to see its roster change to be DC Comics’ newest all-female team. And behind


Interview: Taking Care of Business with Mark Millar

This Wednesday, writer Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque depart from the wise-cracking anti-heroes that Millar is known for throughout his work with Huck. On the heels of Chrononauts, which Millar created with Sean Murphy, Huck is another tone shift that shows creators ability to adapt to the desires of the marketplace, as well as tell great stories.


Interview: Robert Venditti Takes a Dark Turn in GREEN LANTERN

Hal Jordan is coming to the end of his rope, dragging his comrades across space to face Black Hand and feeling his back against the wall — literally. With today’s Green Lantern #46, we see the conclusion of Hal’s first adventure semi-solo since the start of writer Robert Venditti’s run, and the scribe stopped by


Interview: Francis Manapul Raises the God of Strength in DARKSEID WAR

No one leaves Apokolips unscathed, even Superman. As the Man of Steel returns to Earth in the wake of Darkseid’s death over in Justice League, his transformation into the New God of Strength is complete, and that’s more than a little bit scary for the denizens of Metropolis. There to usher in a new era


Interview: Alé Garza Draws Blood (and Sushi) with GET JIRO!

Nothing says “appetizing” like a few severed limbs at dinner time. Once again food critic and all-around star Anthony Bourdain and writer Joel Rose are teaming to bring a new chapter in the Get Jiro! story with Vertigo Comics. Only this time, they’ve enlisted artist Alé Garza to bring Jiro’s origin story to life in


We Talk Comics Interview Special: Dan Jurgens & Lois & Clark

It’s 2015 Triangle #2 as Dan Jurgens returns to We Talk Comics to talk about the new title he’s writing, Superman: Lois & Clark! Keith and Chris have a ton of questions to ask Dan about writing Superman past and present. And they get to those questions right after they get in come good talk


GAME CHANGERS: Gail Simone on SECRET SIX’s Black Alice

Next week marks the second story arc of the quintessential “Because YOU Demanded It!” title from DC Comics, Secret Six from writer Gail Simone and artist Dale Eaglesham! And taking the leading role in the new story is none other than one of Simone’s original female characters — and one that seems to keep popping