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Interview: Making MUNCH and MERZ with Steffen Kverneland and Lars Fiske

Interview: Making MUNCH and MERZ with Steffen Kverneland and Lars Fiske

Editor’s Note: This interview has been translated from Norwegian and originally appeared in the literary journal Bokvennen. With the recent release of Munch, from Self Made Hero, the most renowned Norwegian graphic novel is available without learning the language of the great painter himself. Steffen Kverneland’s biography of Edvard Munch is the first and only


Interview: Rucka, Sharp, and Scott Rebirth WONDER WOMAN

One of the most eagerly anticipated series of DC Comics’ upcoming Rebirth is not just one book — but TWO-IN-ONE, as returning writer Greg Rucka relaunches Wonder Woman with two alternating stories, each with an exceptional artist at the helm. The first, “The Lies,” is an ongoing story set in the present day illustrated by


Interview: Scott Snyder and Tom King Rebirth BATMAN

If super-hero comics are about anything, they’re about renewal and cycles of rebirth. I mean, just days after seeing “The Last Batman Interview with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo” — capping off a glourious five-year run on the title — we’re right back where we started with Snyder talking about Batman: Rebirth #1. Only this


Interview: Jeff Parker and Doc Shaner Face the FUTURE QUEST

When the news of DC Comics’ new Hanna Barbera line hit the Internet, there was a fair share of skepticism about how the four titles — Scooby Apocalypse, Wacky Raceland, The Flintstones, and Future Quest — would live up to fan expectation. With one resounding exception. No one — and I say no one —


The Last BATMAN Interview with Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder

Almost five years. 46 issues together. A true partnership writing a new legend. This is the last Batman interview for writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. With issue #51 hitting shelves today and both creators on to other projects — Snyder beginning All-Star Batman this August with a host of artists, and Capullo working

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Interview: Greg Pak Reveals KICKSTARTER SECRETS

Kickstarters. They are a wild and crazy world unto themselves, where projects can soar or crash…and creators can lose their damn minds in the process. Luckily, Greg Pak (of Hulk, Action Comics and 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns fame) is here to help. With Kickstarter Secrets, Pak is sharing the wisdom he has gained through fulfilling


Exclusive Interview: Stewart, Fletcher, and Tarr Say Goodbye to BATGIRL

In some ways the creative template for so much of what DC Comics laid out in its past year of publishing, Batgirl has become synonymous with the idea of success earned through hard work and taking risks to try something new. With the last issue featuring the united creative team hitting stands two weeks ago,