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Interview: Will Pfeifer Reteams the TEEN TITANS

Interview: Will Pfeifer Reteams the TEEN TITANS

With the launch of the New 52, DC Comics tried a few things that MAY have ruffled some feathers, not the least of which was the reintroduction of the Teen Titans to the new universe. As of last week, we were graced with a new Teen Titans #1, and early reports have it appearing to


Interview: Dean Haspiel Crazy Likes THE FOX

Who says comics aren’t fun anymore? With Archie Comics’ initial The Fox five issue series concluded and available in trade paperback, the time couldn’t be better to announce the upcoming The Fox ongoing series from Dark Circle Comics. We had a chance to chat with series writer and artist Dean Haspiel about his thoughts on


Interview: Chewing Nails With Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson

Nailbiter from Image Comics has been one of the most talked about new books of the year. From the moment the first issue was released in May, the book has been critically praised (you can read Comicosity’s reviews here and here), and the first two issues have gone back to press for a second printing. With a great