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Interview: Venditti and Irwin Go “Hal Solo” with GREEN LANTERN

Interview: Venditti and Irwin Go “Hal Solo” with GREEN LANTERN

It’s been a great many years since the DC Universe was populated by a single Green Lantern, but those days are back… sort of! With last month’s Green Lantern #41, Hal Jordan finds himself the last remaining member of the Green Lantern Corps, and one without a ring. Armed only with a prototype gauntlet and


Interview: Hope Nicholson Kickstarts THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS

Hope Nicholson is hoping to turn the topic of romance on it’s head with a frank and sometimes humorous look at the topic with a comics and prose anthology called THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS. We took the time to ask Hope about what lead this this unique collection, currently seeking funding through Kickstarter,


Interview: Seeley and King Open a New Book on GRAYSON

This week marks the arrival of the first collection featuring last year’s massively successful renovation of the Batman family line. And it’s no accident that the change began with one of DC Comics’ oldest and most dear characters, Dick Grayson. Celebrating his 75th Anniversary this year, Grayson has moved from Robin to Nightwing to Batman,


Interview: Jurgens and Howell Go Crazy with BAT-MITE

One of DC Comics’ newest mini-series launched this month heralds the return of all-ages content to their mainstream line of books. As Bat-Mite headlines his own title, writer Dan Jurgens and artist Corin Howell take the misguided imp from one edge of the DC Universe to another! Jurgens and Howell took time out from bouncing