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Interview: Ennis and Braun Rebirth SIXPACK AND DOGWELDER

Interview: Ennis and Braun Rebirth SIXPACK AND DOGWELDER

When we talked to Garth Ennis last year about returning to some of the heroes he made popular through his time on Hitman, who knew we’d be getting even more in 2016? But this week sees the launch of Sixpack and Dogwelder #1 — an EVEN MORE unpredictable title from DC Comics than All-Star Section


Interview: Christopher Priest Rebirths DEATHSTROKE

We’ve seen Deathstroke launch the New 52. We saw him launch a second series, rejuvenated and on a mission. But we’ve never seen him like this. Rebirthed by the hands of Priest. With next week’s Deathstroke: Rebirth #1, modern legend Christopher Priest returns to mainstream comics after ten years to reintroduce fans to the killer


Interview: Conner and Palmiotti Rebirth HARLEY QUINN

Yesterday we spoke with Rob Williams and Philip Tan on the rebirth of the Suicide Squad (out tomorrow!). Today, we have creators Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, heralds of the version of Harley Quinn that will be dancing across screens this Friday, making mayhem and hopefully kicking the Joker in the nads. They chatted briefly


Interview: Rob Williams and Philip Tan Rebirth SUICIDE SQUAD

You might have heard — if you’re living in the world — that there’s a little movie coming this week from DC Entertainment called Suicide Squad. Far be it from the comics to let movies take all the glory, as Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 hits stores this Wednesday in anticipation of this rag tag criminal


Queer Visibility: Joey Stern Talks State of Industry and FLAME CON

Joey Stern knows a thing or two about queer visibility in comics. As chief spokesperson for Geeks OUT, an LGBT-focused organization focused on highlighting queer visibility both in comics and in fandom, Joey works with other volunteers to rally, empower, and promote the queer geek community. And one of the biggest ways they do that


Interview: Sterling Gates Closes Out ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL

Rarely has a television property managed to swing a creator so ingrained in its protagonist’s history that you can’t possibly imagine anyone better for the job. But with Sterling Gates, longtime writer of Supergirl’s adventures in the DC Universe, taking on the Adventures of Supergirl from the CW… well, there’s a bit of magic there.