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Interview: Calamia Kickstarts LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER

Interview: Calamia Kickstarts LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER

Kat Calamia has been quite busy trying to leave her mark on the pop culture and comic book world. You may know her better by her alter ego “Comic Uno.” She has a popular YouTube channel, a strong social media presence, contributes to multiple comic book websites, and hosts several podcasts. What people might not

Interview: Visaggio and Donovan Are Go with QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO

Black Mask Studio continues to grind out high quality and interesting creator-owned work that challenged their reader’s perceptions — and Quantum Teens are GO is no exception. The second title from writer Magdalene Vissaggio, Quantum Teens follows Nat and Susmesh through the adventure of their lives. We sat down with Visaggio and artist Eryk Donovan

Interview: Thompson, Jordan & Bagenda Take On PLANET OF THE APES/GREEN LANTERN

Out of all the possible crossovers, who wouldn’t want to read a Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern one? I talked to Robbie Thompson, Justin Jordan, and Barnaby Bagenda about this crossover event! Mexi Gremillion: Robbie, I love your work on Supernatural and Silk. I knew I was in good hands when I saw that you created this miniseries.

Interview: Simons Reveals What’s Coming In X-O MANOWAR

This March, Valiant Entertainment will be kicking off the second volume of X-O Manowar since the company relaunched in 2012. Matt Kindt will be writing the series, which will feature a rotating cast of artists from Valiant’s ever-growing stable of talent. Valiant Editor-In-Chief gave us some behind-the-scenes info about what’s coming at Aric in the

Interview: Venhaus & Bak Assemble the NIGHT OWL SOCIETY

The Night Owl Society is coming! From IDW Publishing, this original mini-series is the brain-child of James Venhaus and Pius Bak, who gave Comicosity the scoop about the series (and brought along some preview pages and solicit info as well)! Aaron Long: Straight from the creators mouths: what is Night Owl Society? James Venhaus: The

Interview: Josh Bayer Unveils The ALL TIME COMICS Universe

Up later this Spring, we’re seeing a brand new super-hero universe arrive to the comics stands. No, not from Marvel. Not from DC. Move over Image Comics. Fantagraphics is rolling out All Time Comics, a brand new super-hero line envisioned by Josh Bayer, with contributions from a slew of classic and indie comic book creators.