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Interview: Vincent Lovallo on 25 Years of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Interview: Vincent Lovallo on 25 Years of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Who would have thought that in 2016 one of the longest running comic book titles would be Sonic the Hedgehog? As the video game character celebrates its 25th anniversary, and his current series rounds 10 years, we talk to Archie Comics editor Vincent Lovallo about the legacy of that little blue speed demon, what it’s


Interview: Mark Russell and Steve Pugh Meet THE FLINTSTONES

For the fourth and final new title in its relaunch of classic Hanna Barbera characters, DC Comics has gone back — all the waaaaay back — to the prehistoric, to dig up The Flintstones, the quintessential modern (stone age) family. And determined to bring them back to life are writer Mark Russell (Prez) and artist


Interview: Dan Parent Returns to KEVIN KELLER

Archie Comics has progressively been relauching its entire main line, first pushing out new versions of their hallmark titles, Archie and Jughead; then announcing new ongoings for Betty and Veronica and Josie and the Pussycats. Now it’s Kevin Keller’s turn with the launch of digital-first title Life with Kevin. Writer Dan Parent swings by to


Interview: James Tynion IV Rebirths DETECTIVE COMICS

We’ve already seen the debut issue of Detective Comics post-Rebirth, returning the long-running series to its original numbering, and been blown away. With Batman and Batwoman headlining as co-leads, writer James Tynion IV has not only taken on the book from which DC Comics gets its name, but has returned one its most popular characters


Interview: Robert Venditti Rebirths HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS

This month, we’ve met DC Comics’ two newest Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, and begun following their adventures in Rebirth. But what about Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps? Wait for it. With July comes the rest of the Corps, returned to the universe, and back in the hands


Interview: Magdalene Visaggio Takes Off with KIM & KIM

When Black Mask Studios announced its 2016 slate, the Internet roared in excitement at the breadth of style and representation in the books. And among the most talked about was Kim & Kim, a new buddy concept comic co-starring queer women, written by Magdalene Visaggio. Visaggio sat down with Comicosity for an in-depth look at


Interview: Making MUNCH and MERZ with Steffen Kverneland and Lars Fiske

Editor’s Note: This interview has been translated from Norwegian and originally appeared in the literary journal Bokvennen. With the recent release of Munch, from Self Made Hero, the most renowned Norwegian graphic novel is available without learning the language of the great painter himself. Steffen Kverneland’s biography of Edvard Munch is the first and only


Interview: Rucka, Sharp, and Scott Rebirth WONDER WOMAN

One of the most eagerly anticipated series of DC Comics’ upcoming Rebirth is not just one book — but TWO-IN-ONE, as returning writer Greg Rucka relaunches Wonder Woman with two alternating stories, each with an exceptional artist at the helm. The first, “The Lies,” is an ongoing story set in the present day illustrated by