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Behind the Scenes of JUPITER JET #3 with Jason Inman

Behind the Scenes of JUPITER JET #3 with Jason Inman

It’s time for another exciting look behind the scenes of Jupiter Jet! Jason Inman, creator and writer, gives us some insight into the latest issue as well as a few hidden cool easter eggs. Join us now as we dive deep into the world of the flying girl! SPOILER warnings for Issue #3. Chris Campbell:

Transmyscira: The Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply to the Fourth Wall

I can draw a perfect replica of a Desert Eagle handgun from memory, and I’ve been able to do it since before either Snatch or The Matrix came out. The unique L-shaped slide, the weird, bulbous outline of the barrel that looks like a water balloon held by the knot, the whole thing. I know

Interview: Meg and Greg Smallwood Take a Bite Out of VAMPIRONICA

First we went to the Afterlife with Archie. Then came The Chilling Adventures of Sabina, the Teenage Witch. We all felt The Hunger with Jughead. Now, I’m guessing we’re about to bite off more than we can chew with Archie Comics’ newest Horror-branded title, Vampironica. Sister-brother writing team Meg and Greg Smallwood sat down with

Interview: Johnnie Christmas Lights Up the Beautiful World of FIREBUG

“What if I lived at the foot of an active volcano?” Comic book creator Johnnie Christmas uses this question for the basis of a rich world he has created in Firebug. He has not only created a fascinating world but also it’s religion, gods, culture, and fantastic looking creatures. It’s creators like Johnnie Christmas or

Hang On for Queer Life: 40 More LGBTA Webcomics to Know and Love

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Trans. Asexual. Nonbinary. Poly. It’s not easy to find the whole spectrum in monthly comics, but head on over to webcomics, and queer life blossoms. Last year, we looked at 40 awesome LGBTA webcomics here at Comicosity — but it’s time to up the ante. Below are 40 MORE webcomics to check

Interview: Pichetshote, Campbell, and Villarubbia on INFIDEL

The topic of racism in our world is a theme that has been touched on in many genres. Infidel is a new horror comic book series created by Pornsak Pichetshote & Aaron Campbell, and published by Image Comics. In it he tackles this theme through the lens of the genre of horror. With realistic and