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Exclusive Preview: SPIDER-GWEN #11

Exclusive Preview: SPIDER-GWEN #11

Marvel Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE first look with Comicosity for next week’s Spider-Gwen #11. Scroll down to view full size preview images. SPIDER-GWEN #11 Written by Jason Latour Art by Robbi Rodriguez and Lauren Affe Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: August 24, 2016 What is Gwen Stacy without Spider-Gwen? Gwen gives life her


Interview: Ennis and Braun Rebirth SIXPACK AND DOGWELDER

When we talked to Garth Ennis last year about returning to some of the heroes he made popular through his time on Hitman, who knew we’d be getting even more in 2016? But this week sees the launch of Sixpack and Dogwelder #1 — an EVEN MORE unpredictable title from DC Comics than All-Star Section


Representation and Health 101: GRACE CHOI

It’s time for another headbusting edition of Representation and Health 101. The focus of today’s column is someone who came to mind after an important discussion Twitter regarding Asian representation. So, I thought of someone I’ve found to be cool and who enhances representation for nonheterosexual Asian women. So, why don’t we jump in and


Buttkick’n Moms in Comics: Beowulf, Aliens, and Lois Lane

While Beowulf might not be one of the most beloved texts in the Western world (due largely to the fact that few are going to appreciate things forced on them in high school), there is one element that always struck me as being interesting about the story: man, Grendel’s mom sure loved her kid. For


Exclusive Reveal: SONS OF ANARCHY: REDWOOD ORIGINAL Character Designs

Today, BOOM! Studios launches the Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original limited series. Comicosity has an exclusive look at character designs by series artist Luca Pizzari, with character descriptions from writer Ollie Masters. You can see a preview of the issue here. SONS OF ANARCHY: REDWOOD ORIGINAL #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: Ollie Masters Artist: Luca


Interview: Christopher Priest Rebirths DEATHSTROKE

We’ve seen Deathstroke launch the New 52. We saw him launch a second series, rejuvenated and on a mission. But we’ve never seen him like this. Rebirthed by the hands of Priest. With next week’s Deathstroke: Rebirth #1, modern legend Christopher Priest returns to mainstream comics after ten years to reintroduce fans to the killer