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Interview: Jamie L. Rotante on Gearing Up for BETTY AND VERONICA: VIXENS

Interview: Jamie L. Rotante on Gearing Up for BETTY AND VERONICA: VIXENS

Even before the end of Adam Hughes’ Betty & Veronica series, fans were already revved up to find out what was next for Riverdale’s premier ladies. And now, with the huge success of the CW TV series Riverdale, Betty and Veronica are ready to spin out into a brand new series — with a twist.

Interview: Constant and Walker Bring THE DEMON Down to Earth

2017 has been a hellish year, no doubt. So, what better way to turn that around — and continue the glourious celebration DC Comics has been hosting for the centennial birthday of legend Jack Kirby — than to literally bring Hell to Earth. And with it, comes its most famous citizen: the Demon Etrigan! Ha!

Exclusive Preview: NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #3

DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview for next week’s Nightwing: The New Order #3 with Comicosity. Scroll down to view full-sized preview images. NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #3 Written by Kyle Higgins Art by Trevor McCarthy, Dean White, and Clayton Cowles Published by DC Comics Release Date: October 25, 2017 After an unthinkable tragedy

15 Over 10: Comic Books for Pre-Teens

Last week, we listed out 15 comics that were designed perfectly for kids under 10 years old. Now, we flip the narrative and take a look at 15 comics made to be loved by pre-teens, kids over 10… and all the way up to adulthood! So, without further ado, our 15 Over 10 for kids

15 Under 10: Comic Books for Kids

A week ago, I received an email from a dad, who was having a hard time finding comic books that his eight year-old daughter would enjoy (and would be appropriate for her age). He wants to share the passion for comics that he’s enjoyed for his whole life — but it’s not as easy as

Interview: Deniz Camp Opens the Door To MAXWELL’S DEMONS

Vault Comics is one of the newer publishers hitting the scene with diverse creators and content, home to Heathen by Natasha Alterici, Zojaqan by Colin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Nathan Goodan, and now Maxwell’s Demons by writer Deniz Camp and artist Vittorio Astone. Camp was on hand to walk through some of the influences behind