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HERoes: Maria Laura Sanapo

HERoes: Maria Laura Sanapo

We get a chance to have a no pressure conversation about comics with female creators in the community. Their creativity is inspiring to people throughout the comic fandom who enjoy their work. They are our HERoes. This week we chat with comic and cover artist for Big Dog Ink, Maria Laura Sanapo, who’s bombshells, vixens



DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview with Comicosity for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #17, arriving in stores and online next Wednesday, September 24, 2014. Scroll down to view each image at full-size. HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #17 Written by Dan Abnett Art by Pop Mhan Published by DC


Interview: Marc Andreyko Challenges the Unknown with BATWOMAN

The entire Bat-office is being turned on its head at DC Comics in October and Batwoman is no exception. In the wake of today’s Futures End special, the other Dark Knight is getting a new supporting cast for her book — her own team — as the Unknowns make their debut. Writer Marc Andreyko took


GAME CHANGERS: Jen Van Meter on Zero Hopeless-Savage

Welcome to GAME CHANGERS, an interview series at Comicosity looking at female protagonists in comic books from the last decade or two (or more!) — and the original creators who brought them to life. Today, we chat with writer Jen Van Meter about her creator-owned series Hopeless Savages, and its central character — the youngest


Interview: Daniel H. Wilson Prepares for WORLD’S END

Nothing like an apocalypse to bring people together. The denizens of Earth 2 barely have a breather, as Daniel H. Wilson takes the lead on the new weekly series Earth 2: World’s End — the ultimate confrontation between the Wonders and Apokolips! Wilson took time out to catch up with Comicosity on his Futures End


Exclusive Preview: SUPERGIRL: FUTURES END #1

DC Comics has released to Comicosity its EXCLUSIVE preview for next week’s Supergirl: Futures End #1, set five years into the future of Kara Zor-El! Scroll down to view all preview images at full size! SUPERGIRL: FUTURES END #1 Written by Tony Bedard Art by Emanuela Lupacchino Published by DC Comics Release Date: September 17,


THE HANGOUT featuring Clayton Cowles: September 8, 2014

Letterer of Fantastic Four, Uncanny Avengers, Inhuman, Elektra, Black Widow, Zero, Pretty Deadly, The Wicked + The Divine, the upcoming Bitch Planet and more, Clayton Cowles come to talk about the magic of placing dialogue, the feel of fonts in genre and how he stumbled onto this artistic love. Follow Clayton Cowles on Twitter @ClaytonCowles