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DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview with Comicosity for next week’s Gotham Academy: Second Semester #4. Scroll down to view each full size preview page. GOTHAM ACADEMY: SECOND SEMESTER #4 Written by Brenden Fletcher Art by Jon Lam Published by DC Comics Release Date: December 14, 2016 When a mysterious circus sets up outside


Jim Henson’s The Storyteller has seen many themes over the years, and with the newest volume, BOOM! Studios is focusing on Giants. The first issue, which is in stores now, is written and drawn by Conor Nolan, who was kind enough to talk about his inspiration for the theme with Comicosity… Aaron Long: In this first

Interview: Tom King on BATMAN’s Intimate Reveal “I Am Suicide”

In any given extended run, a savvy reader can tell when everything really starts to click for a creative team. It’s usually just a feeling, that everything just feels right. But when said team begins to contribute major additions to a character’s canon that feel like they’ve been there all along, that’s when you know

Well, THAT Just Happened: November 2016

Welcome to Comicosity’s newest monthly column, “Well THAT Just Happened.” This column will cover our favorite moments from the previous months. The entries will range from the surprises that made you gasp, to bad ass moments, weird happenings, big returns, and sometimes entries that are just beautiful. We try our best, but it’s near impossible

Exclusive Preview: BRITANNIA #4

BRITANNIA #4 (of 4) Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art by JUAN JOSÉ RYP Published by Valiant Entertainment Release Date: December 14, 2016 Cover A by CARY NORD (OCT161989) Cover B by ADAM GORHAM (OCT161990) Variant Cover by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (OCT161992) Variant Cover by RENATO GUEDES (OCT161993) Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (OCT161994) Valiant Cat

Dream Team: A JUSTICE SOCIETY Perfect for Fighting Nazis — In 2016 [Part 2]

Ugh. If only Nazis could be relegated to old movie serials and alternative historical fiction. But with hate crimes at their highest level in America since 9/11 and the alt-right (white supremacists and Neo-Nazis) intimately involved in the building of the next Presidential cabinet, the arrival of a new Justice Society of America — formed

Dream Team: A JUSTICE SOCIETY Perfect for Fighting Nazis — In 2016 [Part 1]

Well, it seems like we’ve been here before. It was only a few short years ago I was wondering if having the origin of the Justice Society of America placed in World War II fighting the Nazi regime was still pertinent enough for today’s reader. I wish the answer had been no. With hate crimes

Comicosity’s 2016 Gift Guide

The Holidays are in full swing and, chances are, you’ve got a comic reader on the to-buy-for list somewhere. With that in mind, we compiled a list of some of the best comic book collections and original graphic novels that came out in 2016 that’ll tick all the right boxes for the person that is

7 Reasons We Need More HAWKGIRL by Erica Schultz and Sonny Liew

This week saw the release of DC Comics’ New Talent Showcase #1, representing the work of writers from DC’s Writers Workshop Pilot Program, a 13-week program held January through March 2016, for professionals from an array of writing backgrounds who were brand new to DC. Nine stories, all well-executed, filled out the pages of this oversized book,


DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview with Comicosity for next week’s Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #4. Scroll down to view the full size preview images. EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES #4 Written by Matthew Sturges and David Justus Art by Travis Moore and Michael Wiggam Published by DC Comics/Vertigo Release Date: