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Representation and Health 101: SHANA of the Holograms

Representation and Health 101: SHANA of the Holograms

It’s time to feel the groove in a new Representation and Health Black History Spectacular column! Today’s focus is a character who existed long before her comic. However, upon her return with her famous friends, many people, including myself were excited. She exemplifies Black people as dynamic individuals and helps to dash some stereotypical notions


Representation and Health 101: CAPTAIN AMERICA Isaiah Bradley

In this installment of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular, we are going to focus more intently on… well, history. There’s someone who’s vital to Marvel history, even if he made his first appearance in 2003. He reveals the tragic, racist, and violent past of America, but also how the achievements of White people


Interview: Walker and Green Crack Their Knuckles for POWER MAN AND IRON FIST

Marvel’s premiere best friends are getting a new series as part of Marvel’s All-New All-Different line-up after years working with other teams. Luke Cage, aka Power Man, and Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, are back together and taking to the streets to bust up some crime. Comicosity had the chance to hash it out with


Exclusive Preview: MARTIAN MANHUNTER #9

DC Comics has shared with Comicosity its EXCLUSIVE preview of next week’s Martian Manhunter #9. Scroll down to view the full size preview images. MARTIAN MANHUNTER #9 Written by Rob Williams Art by Eddy Barrows, Ronan Cliquet, R.B. Silva, Eber Ferreira, Marc Deering, Andy Owens, and Gabe Eltaeb Published by DC Comics Release Date: February


Interview: Rucka and Scott Give Us Some of That BLACK MAGICK [Part 1]

Do you believe in magic? It’s hard not to, honestly, when you see the results of a Greg Rucka-written script hit the illustrative hands of superstar artist Nicola Scott. With four issues in the tank for Image Comics’ latest sleeper hit Black Magick — and issue #5 right around the corner — the prestidigitatious pair sat down


Representation and Health 101: Masquerade

Hello and welcome to the latest Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! Those of you familiar with Milestone Comics may have heard of the character I’m going to focus on today. He is one of very few transgender characters in comics, and may be the only Black trans man. Masquerade was an obvious choice in


Representation and Health 101: GREEN LANTERN John Stewart

It’s time for another Representation and Health Black History Spectacular article and I’m particularly ready to jump into this one. With each new column, I realize how much more complex these characters are and today’s character very much fits that description. Whether you first encountered him on the page or in the cartoons, he is



DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview with Comicosity for next week’s Constantine: The Hellblazer #9. Scroll down for full size preview images. CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER #9 Written by Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV Art by Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia Published by DC Comics Release Date: February 10, 2016 The truth behind the


Comic Love: Having FAITH

  There are a lot of messages you receive in society about your weight, grooming, mannerisms, social interactions. Then there are the groups who want to fix you by telling you to throw your conditioning out with abandon and look at yourself with new eyes. Yet, it’s conditioned. It’s societal. It’s cultural. It’s always there