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#MakeComics: Con Survival

#MakeComics: Con Survival

The comic book industry isn’t an easy one to break into, nor is it an easy one to stay and make a successful career in. As part of #MakeComics week, Comicosity reached out to creators working in the industry today for wisdom about breaking in and surviving the world of comics. We posed a question


Interview: Mark Russell and Steve Pugh Meet THE FLINTSTONES

For the fourth and final new title in its relaunch of classic Hanna Barbera characters, DC Comics has gone back — all the waaaaay back — to the prehistoric, to dig up The Flintstones, the quintessential modern (stone age) family. And determined to bring them back to life are writer Mark Russell (Prez) and artist


Still Here, Still Queer: 35 MORE Indie Titles Doing Right by LGBTA Fans

It’s been less than a year since Comicosity put together the last list of 35 indie comic titles that included queer characters or themes — and to be perfectly honest, it didn’t take much to come up with another. That’s progress, slowly but steadily. DC has dropped to three queer-led monthlies (Harley Quinn, Hellblazer, and


LGBT Visibility: This Fucking Week

This fucking week. Sunday morning, like a lot of Americans, I woke to the news that 49 people in Orlando, Florida, had been gunned down in what has since been named the largest mass fatality from a single shooter in US History. Sunday morning and every day since, also like a lot of Americans, I’ve


Interview: James Tynion IV Rebirths DETECTIVE COMICS

We’ve already seen the debut issue of Detective Comics post-Rebirth, returning the long-running series to its original numbering, and been blown away. With Batman and Batwoman headlining as co-leads, writer James Tynion IV has not only taken on the book from which DC Comics gets its name, but has returned one its most popular characters


Exclusive Preview: NIGHTHAWK #2

Marvel Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE first look with Comicosity of next week’s Nighthawk #2. Scroll down to view the full size preview images. NIGHTHAWK #2 Written by David Walker Art by Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 22, 2016 With the bodies piling up, Nighthawk hunts the psycho