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Exclusive Preview: FUTURE IMPERFECT #1

Exclusive Preview: FUTURE IMPERFECT #1

Marvel Comics has shared with Comicosity its EXCLUSIVE preview for next week’s Future Imperfect #1, a Secret Wars tie-in. Scroll down to view the full size preview images. FUTURE IMPERFECT #1 Written by Peter David Art by Greg Land Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 3, 2015 ON BATTLEWORLD, THE DICTATOR OF DYSTOPIA IS


Interview: James Tynion IV Unleashes CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER

For many years, John Constantine was off in his own world, forever divorced from the universe from which he sprang. No more! The Hellblazer himself has roared back into the DCU, into the Justice League and on television screens. But nothing is more exciting than the launch of his new #1, coming next month from


Interview: Brenden Fletcher Talks Barbara, Frankie, Burnside, and BATGIRL

A lot of pundits are calling the next stage in DC Comics’ evolution this June the “Batgirling” of their universe. True or not, it funnels back to an inescapable truth: all eyes are on Barbara Gordon and the all-new Batgirl. Working alongside writer/artist Cameron Stewart and artist Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher is at the center


Interview: Swinging the SWORDS OF SORROW with Mikki Kendall

The Swords of Sorrow, known as the ebon blades, have been passed out across time and space, thanks to the Traveler in the first issue of Gail Simone’s epic pulp crossover series. The first team-up book, Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #1 is set to hit stands this week. With those well underway, we continue