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Interview: Mike W. Barr Unsheathes the Sword of KATANA

Interview: Mike W. Barr Unsheathes the Sword of KATANA

With the Suicide Squad film on its way in 2016, DC Comics has its eye on some of the characters who are going to make a splash into pop culture, and there’s no better place to start than with Deadshot and the mysterious samurai known as Katana! Sharing the headline in a double-sized anthology 6


Representation and Health 101: I’m Every Woman

In almost every facet of media, we have been moving beyond portraying women primarily as homemakers or damsels in distress. Yet, we are still facing significant issues with how women are represented, who represents them, and how their narratives progress. There’s so much value in portraying women in the varied ways they show up, rather


Interview: Christopher and Wendig Wield THE SHIELD

Archie Comics continues its roll-out of diverse content through the Dark Circle Comics imprint this fall with a very familiar name falling on a very unfamiliar face. Writers Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig took time to share a little bit of their thinking on the new character donning the red, white, and blue togs of


COMIC LOVE: Ostrander & Yale’s SUICIDE SQUAD & Me

This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con, and one guest on their list has me more excited than literally every other con I’ve attended this year combined: John Ostrander. I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of the Suicide Squad. His run, cowritten with his wife Kim Yale and drawn by Luke McDonnell, John K Snyder III,

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Interview: Kate Leth and Matt Cummings POWER UP

Listen up, guys. We have two awesome Canadians in the house – Kate Leth and Matt Cummings! So… try to control yourselves. That’s what I’m currently trying to do as I write this. Now, you know Kate from her semi-autobiographical webcomic Kate or Die (which is currently on hiatus, but updates bi-weekly in Comics Alliance),


Interview: James Tynion IV Lives Again with ETERNAL

Batman Eternal returns for a second season, but this time, we have another leading character at the helm. Relaunched as Batman and Robin Eternal, Dick Grayson is taking center stage, and here to talk about what to expect out of our leading man — as well as the return of leading kickass lady Cassandra Cain


Interview: Tony Daniel Launches BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL

This October, DC Comics does it all over again with Batman Eternal. Only this time, there’s another star in the headline. To celebrate Dick Grayson’s 75th Anniversary, a team of writers led by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder are launching Batman and Robin Eternal, a 26-issue weekly series starring none other than Dick Grayson,


Luck of the Stylish: 13 DCYou Books You Should Be Reading

Diversity is definitely a hot topic among comic fans online, and it’s one that Comicosity has embraced fully and as part of its core mission. We pride ourselves on being a place for readers — and writers — of all types to come together and enjoy comics just a little bit more. So, it never