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Preview: THE ARCHIES #5

Preview: THE ARCHIES #5

Featuring guest stars TEGAN AND SARA! After a wild, trippy ride to the 60s, the Archies find themselves back in the present day—and facing a major meltdown as one of the members quits. Can indie pop sirens TEGAN AND SARA help the band through the crisis, or has the tour gone kaput? Script: Alex Segura

First Look: COSMO #3

COSMO #3 Cosmo’s moon mission gets messy when a nefarious new foe appears! Can the Martian crew turn the tables on the vicious Venus princess, Cleo, or will they succumb to her will? Script: Ian Flynn Art: Tracy Yardley, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli Cover: Tracy Yardley Variant Covers: Jen Hernandez, Dan Schoening On Sale Date:


MIGHTY CRUSADERS #3 “Ambush”—The Mighty Crusaders are on the attack against the vicious Eliminators! It’s an all-out brawl with the odds in the Crusaders’ favor, until they’re faced with a new, dark entity: The Dream Demon! Script: Ian Flynn Art: Kelsey Shannon, Ryan Jampole , Matt Herms, Jack Morelli Cover: Kelsey Shannon with Matt Herms


ARCHIE: BEST OF 2017 DIGEST ANNUAL 2017 was a landmark year for Archie Comics with the launch of the hit new Riverdale TV series on The CW, the announcement of an all-new Sabrina TV show and a number of critically-acclaimed comic launches that further pushed the limits of what our characters can do. That’s not

Preview: COSMO #2

COSMO #2 NEW ONGOING SERIES! “Space Aces” – Part Two: When a lunar rescue mission takes a turn for the worse, Cosmo and crew must make a daring escape from a chaotic carnival of creatures! This is one thrill ride you won’t want to miss! Script: Ian Flynn Art: Tracy Yardley, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli Cosmo