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Preview: DOC SAVAGE #8

Preview: DOC SAVAGE #8

DOC SAVAGE #8 Written by Chris Roberson Art by Bilquis Evely Published by Dynamite Entertainment Release Date: July 30, 2014 FINAL ISSUE!!! More than eight decades after his adventures began, Doc Savage might finally be facing a threat that he cannot overcome. Everything he has built over the years, everything he has accomplished, could be

Innsmouth 0


THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH Written by Ron Marz Art by Ivan Rodriguez Published by Dynamite Entertainment Release Date: July 30, 2014 The fog-shrouded town of Innsmouth holds deep secrets. There are legends of inhuman creatures raised from the depths, of supernatural rites and elder gods from beyond. When Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane find themselves


Preview: TALLY MARKS #1

TALLY MARKS #1 Written by Natalie Nourigat Art by Natalie Nourigat Published by Monkeybrain Comics Release Date: July 30, 2014 Natalie “Tally” Nourigat is drawing her way through Europe. These comics collect the highlights from her travel sketchbooks, including caricatures of everyday people, environment studies, sketches from her imagination, and short comics. This first issue