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TWISTED ROMANCE #3 Written by Alex de Campi, Jess Bradley, and Margaret Trauth Art by Carla Speed McNeil and Margaret Trauth Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 Twisted Romance brings more anthological tales of love and wanting in this new issue, telling tales of love from afar! In this issue, the creators

Review: HEATHEN #6

HEATHEN #6 Written by Natasha Alterici Art by Natasha Alterici and Rachel Deering Edited by Charles Martin, Rebecca Rutledge, and Kristen Grace Published by Vault Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 Heathen is back! Natasha Alterici’s story of Viking warrior Aydis continues her quest with issue #6. This issue shows Aydis continue to grow personally


BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #2 Written by Tony Patrick and Scott Snyder Art by Cully Hamner, Laura Martin, and Deron Bennett   Edited by Brittany Holzherr and Brian Cunningham Published by DC Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 The “Afternoon” segment of The Signal’s first outing kicks into high gear as the secrets of Arkham Juvie,

Review: PUNK’S NOT DEAD #1

There’s a school of thought that believes punk’s defining characteristic was obnoxiousness. For these people, Sid Vicious is the most important icon of the 20th century, not so much for who he actually was but who he represented: the “lazy sod” masses not only left unchecked but granted celebrity status. It’s this thinking that led

Review: HARLEY QUINN #38

HARLEY QUINN #38 Written by Frank Tieri Art by Mirka Andolfo, Eleonora Carlini, Alex Sinclair, Dave Sharpe Edited by Andrew Marino, Chris Conroy, Jamie S. Rich Published by DC Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 After a recent painful goodbye, it’s both relieving and cathartic to have our usual light-hearted story back and stronger than

Review: DAMAGE #2

DAMAGE #2 Written by Robert Venditti Art by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, Tomeu Morey, and Tom Napolitano Edited by Mike Cotton and Jessica Chen Published by DC Comics Release Date: February 21, 2018 Settling into some character development after the debut issue’s explosion-filled splash-page-a-thon, the second issue of Damage shows a bit of backstory