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Review: SECRET WARS #4

Review: SECRET WARS #4

SECRET WARS #4 Written by Jonathan Hickman Art by Esad Ribic Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: July 1, 2015 God Doom’s world is threatened as the survivors of the 616 shake things up in Secret Wars #4. Jonathan Hickman takes the reveal of the survivors from the 616 and throws them straight at Doom,


Advance Review: RUNAWAYS #1

RUNAWAYS #1 Written by Noelle Stevenson Art by Sanford Greene, John Rauch Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 17, 2015 Before the Young Avengers assembled, before Avengers Academy opened its doors, a group of teens called the Runaways won the hearts of comic fans. Its team members were a motley crew of different personalities,


Advance Review: SQUADRON SINISTER #1

  SQUADRON SINISTER #1 Written by Marc Guggenheim Art by Carlos Pacheco, Frank Martin Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 17, 2015 All is not as it seems in Battleworld. The leaders of the territories are constantly vying for power, and dirty deeds exist….everywhere. In this realm, you’ll find the nastiest S.O.B. JLA members


Review: 1602: WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #1

1602: WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #1 Written by Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen Art by Stephanie Hans, Marguerite Sauvage Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 10, 2015 Secret Wars sends Angela to a time her creator (Neil Gaiman) built, where “Witchbreeds” are aplenty and someone needs to be hunting ’em. Most of the regular team from