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WE TALK COMICS Episode 143: Doing The Zub Step

WE TALK COMICS Episode 143: Doing The Zub Step

  When Jim Zub came on the show all he said was “Nothing’s off the table guys, except talking bad about people” and honestly, we love that. A pure class act, Jim Zub entertains Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo with great stories of his time in the business. He has some incredible Comic Convention stories,


Representation and Health 101: BLING! Roxy Washington

And here we are with another sparkling edition of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! It’s been great to get an in-depth look at some amazing Black characters and I have yet another for you today. She’s a mutant who doesn’t get much shine even though she’s bright like a diamond. Even with a


…And Now, A Haiku: WEIRDWORLD #3

…And Now, A Haiku features a haiku poem inspired by a comic released each week. Some will be silly, some will be serious…all will be haiku. This week, the subject is WEIRDWORLD #3 by Sam Humphries and Mike del Mundo. *SPOILER WARNING – THIS HAIKU CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF WEIRDWORLD #3* I SPIT HOT FIYAH! Dance


Representation and Health 101: PRODIGY David Alleyne

Here it is, yet another installment of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! This time, I’m going to shine light on a character whose importance I didn’t realize until very recently. Within the pages of the latest volume of Young Avengers, Prodigy, aka David Alleyne, proved that he has value for more than just


Representation and Health 101: THUNDER Anissa Pierce

It’s time again for another Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! Today, I’m talking about someone who’s had my attention since I first discovered her. I mentioned her in my article on Black Firsts in comics, and there was no way I WASN’T going to highlight this amazing woman. She’s the daughter of Black Lightning


Representation and Health 101: Masquerade

Hello and welcome to the latest Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! Those of you familiar with Milestone Comics may have heard of the character I’m going to focus on today. He is one of very few transgender characters in comics, and may be the only Black trans man. Masquerade was an obvious choice in


TRADE WAITING: Week of February 10, 2016

Welcome back my fellow TRADE WAITERS! It’s another Monday, which means another look at the week’s hottest trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels in this edition of “Trade Waiting” – your weekly spotlight of five noteworthy comic book collections that are being released this coming Wednesday and why you should watch out for them!