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Comicosity’s 2016 Gift Guide

Comicosity’s 2016 Gift Guide

The Holidays are in full swing and, chances are, you’ve got a comic reader on the to-buy-for list somewhere. With that in mind, we compiled a list of some of the best comic book collections and original graphic novels that came out in 2016 that’ll tick all the right boxes for the person that is

7 Reasons We Need More HAWKGIRL by Erica Schultz and Sonny Liew

This week saw the release of DC Comics’ New Talent Showcase #1, representing the work of writers from DC’s Writers Workshop Pilot Program, a 13-week program held January through March 2016, for professionals from an array of writing backgrounds who were brand new to DC. Nine stories, all well-executed, filled out the pages of this oversized book,

Dream Team: Our Perfect AVENGERS Rosters [Part 1]

This Wednesday, November 2, Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo unleash a new volume of Avengers. With each new volume, every fan inevitably starts thinking about their ultimate Avengers roster, and we’re no different. All week long, we will present our dream Avengers rosters, starting with Terrence Sage, Allen Thomas and Doug Zawisza! Terrence Sage

8 Reasons You Need to Read ALL-NEW WOLVERINE

There’s a new Wolverine on the block…well, she’s been around awhile now and the truth of the matter is this: she’s one of the best damn characters in all of comics. I’m not throwing that statement down lightly, this series has earned that kind of praise. Tom Taylor’s work with David Lopez, Marcio Takara, Ig