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COMIC LOVE: Another Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

COMIC LOVE: Another Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

A mythical warrior wielding armaments of legend. A hero encased in metal who becomes a living weapon. A normal man thrown into extraordinary circumstances armed simply with a shield. A big green monster caught in the crosshairs of a secret government agency. All told, seven soldiers out to save the world from an incursion too

COMIC LOVE: Super-Heroines, Stains and All

My favorite comic book characters have invariably always been the ladies. Maybe because there were less of them when I was growing up. Maybe because their costumes were more fabulous than those of their male counterparts. Probably because, when written with care, the super-heroines always seemed more intuitive, more vulnerable… just more real than most

Comic Love: Batman Day – A Wayne Enterprises Charity Gala

Batman Day is approaching, and what better way to celebrate it than to help out some kids? Laura Rose (@BatsDontKill) and “Lady Batman” (@HowBatmanAmI) of Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, UK, have organized a raffle to raise money for the Children’s Hospitals of Birmingham. There are prizes from heavyweight creators like Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Gail Simone