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#MakeComics: Scheduling & The Freelancer’s Work Week

#MakeComics: Scheduling & The Freelancer’s Work Week

Making comics is a high octane business, and the people who have the staying power to make it a career nail down a schedule that works for them in pretty short order. Time management is key, whether you’re working on an indie book or for a publisher, and as part of #MakeComics week on Comicosity

#MakeComics: Tools of the Trade

The comic book industry isn’t an easy one to break into, nor is it an easy one to stay and make a successful career in. As part of #MakeComics week, Comicosity reached out to creators working in the industry today for wisdom about what tools, thought processes, and methodologies they use to make comics. Some

#MakeComics: Kickstarters & Crowdfunding

Kickstarters & crowd funding have become a major part of independent comics. Big names like Greg Rucka, Jimmy Palmiotti and Gail Simone have run successful ones, and tons of comics based projects have been very successful and received the distribution needed using crowdsourced funds. For every win there is a loss, however, and for every

#MakeComics: Resources

It isn’t easy to dive into the world of making comic books. No matter if you are looking to write, draw, colour, letter, edit, publish…you name it, there are lessons to be learned before one dives in. Below, you will find resources that explain and give tips about the general process of making comics, specific