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Representation and Health 101: CAGE! and Addressing Harmful Representation

Representation and Health 101: CAGE! and Addressing Harmful Representation

For this installment of Representation and Health 101, we aren’t going to look at a character. Instead, we are going to dive into the world of what could be called negative representation. There are times when marginalized characters appear and they aren’t whole, real, or human. Instead, they are caricatures of ideas about the identities

Representation and Health 101: Raven

I am most excited to deliver this Representation and Health 101 column because it’s about one of my favorite comicbook characters. While I first encountered her in a cartoon, she’s been around for a while and she’s one of the most significant members of the Teen Titans. Whether she’s braving the halls of a high

Representation and Health 101: BACK TO SCHOOL!

Fall is approaching and many of the people in our lives are going back to school. That’s why this edition of Representation and Health 101 is dedicated to characters and series that fit the diverse people in our lives! From series like the awesome Lumberjanes to the new arrival of Backstagers, there’s so many comics

Representation and Health 101: GRACE CHOI

It’s time for another headbusting edition of Representation and Health 101. The focus of today’s column is someone who came to mind after an important discussion Twitter regarding Asian representation. So, I thought of someone I’ve found to be cool and who enhances representation for nonheterosexual Asian women. So, why don’t we jump in and

Representation and Health 101: Marceline the Vampire Queen

It’s a return to the traditional format in this latest installment of Representation and Health 101! The comics world has been abuzz about diversity, for a lot of different reasons, so I wanted to touch on a character who represents this ideal and helps us cope and heal. To that effect, I’ve decided to talk

Representation And Health 101: An Interview with Team Kamikaze

It’s a brand spanking new edition of the Representation and Health 101 column! As with the past few weeks, today we’re changing things up. Instead of a character, we are going to discuss a series that addresses representation. What better way to discuss representation in a comic than speaking with its creators! Kamikaze is a webcomic-turned-print

Representation and Health 101: AMERICA CHAVEZ

It’s time for a star-spangled new Representation and Health 101! The character I’m going to discuss today is one who I immediately found intriguing. I discovered her in the pages of the latest volume of Young Avengers, but she actually showed up a couple of years before in 2011. She’s a young powerhouse with a