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Representation and Health 101: Using Comics to Meet Special Needs

Representation and Health 101: Using Comics to Meet Special Needs

Welcome back to the Representation and Health 101 column, where we dissect characters and stories in comics and how they help us heal and cope. Today, we are taking yet another new spin and looking at a comic you may not have heard of. Addressing the needs of marginalized people and those around them is

Representation and Health 101: AMERICA CHAVEZ

It’s time for a star-spangled new Representation and Health 101! The character I’m going to discuss today is one who I immediately found intriguing. I discovered her in the pages of the latest volume of Young Avengers, but she actually showed up a couple of years before in 2011. She’s a young powerhouse with a

Representation and Health 101: When Panels Show Pain

I introduce you to a special installment of Representation and Health 101! We’ve seen how various characters and identities in comics have brought to light just why representation matters and how that relates to our health. However, this is a slightly different spin. It’s fortunate that in recent years mental health has come closer to

Representation and Health 101: BUNKER of the TEEN TITANS

Here we are with a brand spanking new installment of Representation and Health 101! In this ongoing journey to ascertain what makes diverse characters important and curative, we have gone over a slew of people from all sorts of companies. Today’s focus is someone who immediately caught my attention when he was introduced because of

Representation and Health 101: JONESY

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Representation and Health 101! This a journey of examining comic book characters through the lens of health and psychology, revealing what about them helps us cope with the world around us. Picking someone today was tricky; I was trying to get out of my comfort zone and

Representation And Health 101: Retrospectives and Black Reimaginings

With the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular officially over, I decided to intently discuss this past month of articles, covering characters or themes I didn’t and looking to the future of Black representation in comics. Dr. Mara Wood (@MegaMaraMon), Aaron, Comicosity Editor-in-Chief, and Matt, Comicosity Senior Editor, all provided wonderful ideas in how to

Representation and Health 101: Black Creators

It’s sad to say, but it’s the last day of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular. For the twenty-eight days prior, I’ve looked at some astounding Black characters, from Monica Rambeau to Anissa Pierce and Isaiah Bradley to Virgil Hawkins. Today, though, I wanted to take a slightly different spin. For the last day

Representation And Health 101: STORM Ororo Munroe

We have arrived at the penultimate Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! Looking back on this month, it’s been wonderful to analyze these characters and talk about why they’re important and why I love them. Today’s character is vital to the Marvel Universe and comics as a whole, and she is Marvel’s premiere Black woman.