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Representation and Health 101: Black Firsts

Representation and Health 101: Black Firsts

Welcome to the first in a long line of special Representation and Health columns that I am dubbing… The Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! Forgive me for the number of times you may see that this month. I’ve decided to take a look at some of my favorite Black characters in comics and examining

Representation and Health 101: Scarlet Witch

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Representation and Health Character Studies! As you know, the editors of Comicosity got first pick at who they wanted to see in a column. Matt chose the amazing and intriguing Renee Montoya. And Aaron? He picked our crimson cowled magical mistress Wanda Maximoff, also known as the

Representation and Health 101: Renee Montoya

Welcome to the next installment of Character Studies! For the first month of the year, I gave our wonderful senior editors the go for who I cover for this article. The astounding Matt Santori chose Renee Montoya, and, to be completely frank, I could not hold back my enthusiasm. So far, I haven’t covered a

Representation and Health 101: Carol Danvers

Sometimes, the characters that mean the most to us don’t look like us, but they share our experiences. Carol Danvers is that character for me and I suspect many people. She’s powerful, capable, nuanced, but she also dealt with struggles many of us face. In particular, I think Carol is an avatar for understanding how

Representation and Health 101: Jessica Jones

Welcome to the next phase of Representation and Health! I’ve taken you through a brief journey outlining the usefulness of representing diverse people in comics. We greatly benefit when we see more people represented and when diverse creators craft comics, and I hope we see these changes as time passes. Now, though, I want to

Representation and Health 101: Disability Dimensions

When you think of disability in comics, a few prominent names come to mind: Barbara Gordon, Matt Murdock, Charles Xavier, and Clint Barton. Each of these individuals experiences disabilities in different ways, but they make remarkable use of their other abilities in coping with disability. However, what we see isn’t always what can be disabling.

Representation and Health 101: Beyond Binaries

To say that gender only exists in terms of “male” and “female” is to so severely and narrowly restrict our varied identities. These terms, with all the baggage they entail, are so limiting unless we move beyond them and strict definitions of them. Comics, with their varied worlds, characters, and identities, are a perfect place

Representation and Health 101: I’m Every Woman

In almost every facet of media, we have been moving beyond portraying women primarily as homemakers or damsels in distress. Yet, we are still facing significant issues with how women are represented, who represents them, and how their narratives progress. There’s so much value in portraying women in the varied ways they show up, rather