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MS. MARVEL: Reflecting on Kamala Khan, Part 1

MS. MARVEL: Reflecting on Kamala Khan, Part 1

Marvel Comics has had a unique variety of female superheroes among its ranks, but the iconic persona of Ms. Marvel has been one with a unique history going back to the late 60s. Originally, Ms. Marvel was a persona that was adopted by Carol Danvers, a U.S. Air Force officer. While Danvers and her title

Buttkick’n Moms in Comics: Beowulf, Aliens, and Lois Lane

While Beowulf might not be one of the most beloved texts in the Western world (due largely to the fact that few are going to appreciate things forced on them in high school), there is one element that always struck me as being interesting about the story: man, Grendel’s mom sure loved her kid. For

The Comics Classroom: The Nature of Super-Villainy, Part 1

One of the most interesting components to the super-hero genre is that there are often super-villains. Super-villians often exist as doppelgangers to their respective hero rivals, although this is not exactly a constant: Spider-Man has a goblin themed super-villian rival and Batman has one themed after a clown. Often, regardless of theme elements, the purpose

The Comics Classroom: Decades of Doom, Part 2

In the previous column, the first major six comics featuring Dr. Doom were explored, with the culminating issue from ’65 resulted in Doom’s hands being crushed by Ben Grimm. The years between ’66 and ’69 Doom would be involved in some of the Fantastic Four’s most amazing adventures. While Doom’s ’62-’65 appearances only had him

The Comics Classroom: Swords As Revenge, Part 2

While we previously got to examine the sword Mugenjin from the Kenshin manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki (a manga whose full title is Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story), the next article will delve more into a manga with a very unique fusion of eastern and western styles called Berserk, a series created by Kentaro Miura.