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The Comics Classroom: Heart of Steel

The Comics Classroom: Heart of Steel

At Comic-Con this year, which wrapped up its last geek-laden booth of treasures two weeks ago, it was announced by Joss Whedon what villain would be appearing in the Avengers 2 film. The villain will be so vital, in fact, that its name will be a part of the new film’s title. This villain is

The Comics Classroom: A Narrative Lesson

One might be hard pressed to find a genuine, teachable lesson from a story about giant machines that punch giant monsters in the face. Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, published by Legendary Comics, is a prequel comic to the new film of the same name by director Guillermo del Toro — and as such,

The Comics Classroom: The Power of Continuity

As a comic reading community, we are now approximately two years into the launch of the ‘New 52’ initiative. For those who might now know, the New 52 design idea was a series of steps taken by DC Comics in August/September of 2011. The re-launch of 52 comics in the DC line was aimed to