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NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics – December 2012

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics – December 2012

December was the month of Marvel. Issue 1’s continued to roll out and Marvel even managed to release one of the biggest comics on the year on the last Wednesday of 2012 with Amazing Spider-Man #700. Six of the top ten books in December were Marvel and overall they accounted for 36% of the market

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – December 2012

Welcome to a new feature from the crew at Comicosity! Each month we are going to dig a little bit deeper into the previous month’s sales figures and talk about a few of the more interesting tidbits we find. Today we will be focusing on all comics from the non-Big Two companies. (all +/- are

MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 16, 2013

This week the Mother of All Comics has grabbed a little here and a little there from the cornucopia of covers that are being offered up. Here are the covers Jessica Boyd picked for the week of January 16, 2013. TODD THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH #1 (of 4) Written by Ken Kristensen Cover Art by M.

#TenTweetsThursday with @Jimfinity

This week’s Ten Tweets Thursday features Jim (@jimfinity), creator of the Tom Oxen webcomic & avid comic reader. See what he had to say about the Ten Tweets below!   #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? Sneaking in my brothers room & reading NOVA 1 from Marvel (Wolfman, Buscema, Sinnott). Great stuff!

COMIC LOVE: Pick Your Apocalypse

So, it seems the world didn’t end as planned. No earth-shaking apocalypse or mind-changing revelation occurred on December 21st — just some last minute Christmas shopping and a whole lot of Twitter commentary about how wrong the Maya were (P.S. They weren’t. Y’all just misunderstood them.). Real life isn’t like the comic books, after all.

MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 9, 2013

Last week, the Mother of All Comics stuck with the Big Two publishers. This week, Jessica Boyd is leaving the highway and taking some side roads to show you the best covers for the week of January 9, 2013. STAR WARS #1 Written by Brian Wood Cover Art by Alex Ross Published by Dark Horse

Ten Tweets Thursday with @borghal

Ten Tweets Thursday kicks off 2013 with Christian Orellana (@borghal), editor of and a huge comic book fan. Christian was kind enough to attack the Ten Tweets over the holiday season, see what he had to say below!   #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? “Los Pitufos” (that’s how we call “The

MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 2, 2013

So many covers to choose from this week, after last week’s 17 issue short change of comic releases. It leaves the mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, in a bind to choose only five of these covers as the best of the week in Mom’s Cover Watch. Usually some of the best covers in comics