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Ten Tweets Thursday with @willisbrian

Ten Tweets Thursday with @willisbrian

This Thursday we feature Brian Willis (@willisbrian) a man of two worlds: one, Comics For Heroes, where he does fantastic work giving away comics to soldiers and kids in need, and the other: Unrestrained Anger, where he unleashes a rage reserved only for Red Lanterns. Check out his thoughts on the ten tweets and make

Ten Tweets Thursday with @bigpinkdragon

Welcome to the latest Ten Tweets Thursday, featuring John Griffith (@bigpinkdragon)! John is a comic enthusiast who boasts what is indisputably one of the greatest moustaches in the history of mankind. On that note, here’s what John has to say about the infamous ten tweets! #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? Green

Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Case of Alan Scott

As a young comic reader, I imagined that when you died, one significant perk of heaven would be the ability to read every comic book ever written — past, present or future. Who would be a member of the Justice League in 2086? (Betcha Superman’s going to be there.) Would the Teen Titans have teens

Ten Tweets Thursday With @FotoCub

Happy Thursday, folks! This week on Ten Tweets Thursday we have the pleasure of delving deep into the mind of Matt Santori (@FotoCub), a writer for The Idler Magazine and art director from The Windy City. #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? Justice League of America #215 on my 8th birthday. It

Ten Tweets Thursday With @Mo_WeTalk

Welcome to another Ten Tweets Thursday! This week we chat with a We Talk Comics co-host, Mo Kristiansen (@Mo_WeTalk). Check out his answers to the infamous ten questions below! #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? Being Danish it was a series called Rasmus Klump. In Canada, DC Comics Presents #36 Starman, Mongul,