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WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 86: I Wonder If Things Will Get Better

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 86: I Wonder If Things Will Get Better

This is a lovely episode about a lovely group of people collectively known as the Doom Patrol and how they met a misunderstood creature and had a very civil discussion over afternoon tea. And nothing terrible, violent, ghastly or shocking happened to anyone at all nope no sir everything was fine. Down on Derington Way – 7:27

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 84: Zigging Instead Of Zagging

Grimacing faces! Misproportioned bodies! Giant mountain men! Sexy ladies who are  feeling the cold! That’s right gang it’s time for more Doom Force with Mike and Paul! Wait, Doom Force?? Down on Derington Way – 7:04 Doom Clock – 11:20 Doomsplaining – 15:16 – This week we look a special one-shot that was released after the shocking

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 80: Going Out with a Bang with Gabriel Hardman!

Surprise deaths! Bureaucratic efficiency! Ungrateful citizens! Islands in the sun! A Nazi! More death! The final episode of 2016; the final issue of Doom Patrol volume 1! Let’s get patrolling! Doom Clock – 7:32 Doomsplaining – 9:19 – Our final episode of 2016 covers the final issue, #121, of Doom Patrol volume 1, by Arnold Drake and

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 79: Merry Spacemas, Everybody!

Much Doom. Very Patrol. It’s the penultimate episode for 2016, featuring the penultimate issue of Doom Patrol volume 1! So everyone get ready to take a drink (poor Cliff) and let’s get patrolling! Down on Derington Way – 9:01 Doom Clock – 18:03 Doomsplaining – 20:41 – This week we look at issues 119 and 120 from volume

We Talk Comics Presents: Creator Commentary – Slash Maraud

Slash Maraud!!! First a little context… We Talk Comics has been on the air more than 5 years. WTC has had more than 100 guests or interviews in this time. Names counted among this group include Mark Texeira, J.M. DeMatteis,  Frank Cho, Peter David, Neal Adams, Dan Jurgens,Greg Rucka, Matt Hawkins, Jerry Ordway, Robert Venditti,