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WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 92: Holy [CENSORED] I’m Alive!

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 92: Holy [CENSORED] I’m Alive!

After a bit of a hiatus, your favourite podcast about your favourite superhero team is BACK! It’s like a zero-cholesterol, no-trans-fat, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic, vegan all natural food additive – for your ears! LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 12:30 Doom Clock – 18:46 Byrne For You – 22:00 Doomsplaining – 26:20 – It’s time for an ALL NEW ISSUE

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 84: Zigging Instead Of Zagging

Grimacing faces! Misproportioned bodies! Giant mountain men! Sexy ladies who are  feeling the cold! That’s right gang it’s time for more Doom Force with Mike and Paul! Wait, Doom Force?? Down on Derington Way – 7:04 Doom Clock – 11:20 Doomsplaining – 15:16 – This week we look a special one-shot that was released after the shocking