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WE TALK COMICS Episode 40: We Talk Comics NOW!

WE TALK COMICS Episode 40: We Talk Comics NOW!

We Talk Comics is live and on the air with episode 40: We Talk Comics NOW! Marvel Comics recently dropped the bombshell of the Marvel NOW! initiative and the guys have something to say about it! Join Chris, Mo, Brett & Keith as they talk about the news, WeViews, and so much more! Check out

WE TALK COMICS #37: Kickstarter My Heart

It’s Indie time! This week the boys settle in and discuss the world of indie comics and some current Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns including Tiger Lawyer, Nowadays, The Adventures of Joe and Nancy Volume 1, Salta & War Zone. Interviews abound in this week’s podcast so settle in for a treat as Mo, Keith, Brett

WE TALK COMICS Episode 35: The 90s Part Two

Happy Friday! This week the We Talk Comics guys continue the 90s in style, talking about deaths, crossovers and and Knightfall, with a healthy dose of current news and reviews! Sit back, relax, and let Keith, Brett, Chris and Mo regale you with tales of a decade long past….and all kinds of hilarious fun! Check