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WE TALK COMICS Presents The Longbox Graveyard: The Curse of the Value Stamp

WE TALK COMICS Presents The Longbox Graveyard: The Curse of the Value Stamp

Paul O’Connor of Longbox Graveyard brings us the sixth installment of his monthly podcast, this week focusing on the cursed, evil Marvel Value Stamps and the trauma they have caused for collectors. He also provides a blog update and a look at the future for his columns around the web. Sit back and listen to

WE TALK COMICS Episode 55: Reviewing the Reviewers

We Talk Comics is back on the air with a discussion about reviews in media, especially comics, and the role reviewers play in the industry. Also discussed are rating scales, and what the guys look for in reviewers. Check out We Talk Podcasts for all your comics, fantasy football, wrestling, music & entertainment podcast needs!

WE TALK COMICS Episode 53: The Final Issue!

We Talk Comics is live once again and is, as always, full of awesome. This week the main topic is the best and worst final issues of monthly series’ or long creator runs. Add in the Weekly News with CubReporterK, WeViews of Uncanny Avengers, Halloween Eve, & Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers and you’ve got

WE TALK COMICS Special Interview: Bill Willingham

We Talk Comics co-host and Comicosity reviewer Brett Monro sat down and chatted with legendary creator Bill Willingham, and we listeners get to reap the benefit! Brett and Bill discuss all things Fables, including Willingham’s upcoming convention, Fabletown & Beyond, in March, 2013. Fables isn’t the only topic of discussion, which also includes digital comics,