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THE HANGOUT featuring Greg Rucka: June 24, 2013

THE HANGOUT featuring Greg Rucka: June 24, 2013

GREG RUCKA IS ON THE HANGOUT. You don’t need any more reason than that to watch  this episode, featuring the master scribe of Lady Sabre & the upcoming Lazarus. Rucka, picks of the week and more, you have to jump into The Hangout!

THE HANGOUT featuring Chris Sims: May 27, 2013

Monday is never a bad day when there is a new episode of The Hangout! Join Jessica, Alison & Karen as they talk with the creative team of Subatomic Party Girls from Monkeybrain Comics! Chris Sims, Chad Bowers & Erica Henderson are in the house for an unforgettable edition of the ever awesome Hangout. Dive

THE HANGOUT: May 21, 2013

The Hangout is back for another awesome-filled episode! Jessica, Karen & Alison met up for Dallas Comic-Con this past weekend, which included the #EpicHug and so much more! Get the scoop on all the con happenings as well as the picks from last week and most anticipated books of the upcoming week! Jump into the

THE HANGOUT: May 13, 2013

Monday is the new best day of the week, because Monday has The Hangout! This week Jessica, Alison & Karen discuss their picks of the week and books that they are looking forward to, as well as Wonder Woman: Earth One, The Movement & more! Make your day a whole lot better and jump into

THE HANGOUT: April 29, 2013

It’s that time again….time for The Hangout! Join Jessica, Alison and Karen as they discuss the ComicsAlliance shut down, Free Comic Book Day, costume designs (including Valkyrie), the picks of the week and the most anticipated titles of this Wednesday. Jump into The Hangout! 1:00 Comics Alliance 4:55 Costume Redesigns 13:00 FCBD 19:40 Picks of

THE HANGOUT: April 22, 2013

Monday isn’t the worst day of the week anymore, because it features THE HANGOUT! Jessica, Alison & Karen get together this week to discuss trades. All things TPB and collections are discussed in this episode, including Locke & Key, Demon Knights, and more! Dive into the all-new, all-awesome Hangout! Superman for All Seasons 2:50 Locke