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WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 66: Kor Blimey, Check Out That Arsenal!

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 66: Kor Blimey, Check Out That Arsenal!

High stakes wagers! Suburban castles! Mad scientist voyeurism! Punk-ass green kids with unfortunate hair! Bob Brown – not the Greens senator! Giant monitor…lizards?!? Snyder-esque destruction! Horrible accents! Embarrassing revelations! Holy crap this one has it all, so LET’S GET PATROLLING!! Down on Derrington Way – 6:46 Doom Clock – 13:19 Doomsplaining – 16:35 – this

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 65: Like Getting Hit with Psychoactive Discharge

The theme for this episode appears to be: So this weird thing happens. Right. Then another weird thing happens. Riiiiight. And then ANOTHER weird thing happens….RIIIIIGHT. In any case: LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derrington Way – 7:32 Doom Clock – 12:42 Doomsplaining – 16:30 – this week we look at issues 49 and 50

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 64: Being Real and Not Giving A Garguax with Paul Kupperberg!

Despite Mike and Paul previously promising an amazing ‘all mime’ episode, WilFreD has used his terror-nology to overrule (and scare) them, in order to bring you something far more fitting for the Doom Patrol legacy, with an extra special guest – Paul Kupperberg!! Doom Clock – 2:56 Doomsplaining – 6:32 – this week we have