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The Hangout roars back to life, despite attempts by the technolords to prevent it, as Karen and Alison talk about their favorite titles of the moment and THE event of the season, DC: Rebirth. Join us for a discussion of the end of Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising, Chris Sebela and Robert Wilson IV’s Heartthrob, and


THE HANGOUT: February 18, 2016

The Hangout celebrates its third anniversary! Jessica rejoins Alison and Karen to think back on how they’ve all changed as readers in the last three years, as well as whether their comics dreams have come to pass and what they want in the future. Then they talk COMIC BOOKS. Alison has a lot of feelings


THE HANGOUT: February 1, 2016

Alison and Karen delve into the importance of supporting casts through SAGA, werewolves and colorists in CRY HAVOC, environmentalist villains, and more on the latest episode of the Hangout. Featured comics this week also include Rachel Rising, Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, Southern Bastards, Angela: Queen of Hel, Saga, and Phonogram. Follow The Hangout: @TheComicHangout

The Wicked + The Divine 009-000

THE HANGOUT: December 28, 2015

It’s the final Hangout of 2015, so Karen and Alison go over their favorite books from this year and what they’re most excited about for 2016. Join them for a year in review! The Hangout: @TheComicHangout Follow Alison: @VaGentlenerd Follow Karen: @karend_


THE HANGOUT: November 30, 2015

The Hangout recovers from jetlag and gravy-induced comas long enough to discuss some of the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunches, the Witchy Women of Rachel Rising and Black Magick, and Karen challenges Alison to read Huck. We learn Saga is still excellent, then the girls give their picks of what’s out and what’s coming. Throughout the


THE HANGOUT featuring Christopher Sebela: LIVE at Tonopah Station, October 26, 2015

Christopher Sebela returns to the Hangout for a very special episode, broadcasting from the Tonopah Station Casino just up the road from The Clown Motel. Chris talks about the success of his new BOOM! Studios project WE(L)COME BACK, with Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, and shares a few stories and adventures from his month in the Nevada