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THE HANGOUT featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick: December 8, 2014

THE HANGOUT featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick: December 8, 2014

KELLY SUE DECONNICK IS BACK! KSD sits down with Alison, Jessica, and Karen to talk about her latest creator-owned book, BITCH PLANET, out December 10 from Image comics. Throw up your middle finger and get non-compliant! Also on the docket: Captain Marvel! Race in America’s prisons! A hypothetical story involving Groot and Spider-Woman! Pretty Deadly


THE HANGOUT featuring Sean Murphy: November 30, 2014

Alison and Karen are joined tonight with Eisner-winning artist and writer Sean Murphy to discuss his new projects with Christopher Nolan and Mark Millar.  He also talks about his Kickstarter and new book Cafe Racer, has a long chat about erotica during Rate the Genre, and shares his opinions on horses. Check out Cafe Racer and original


THE HANGOUT: November 24, 2014

Alison, Jessica, and Karen go back to their roots on tonight’s show.  They share the comics they’re thankful for, the comics they deserve, and their picks from the past two weeks. Topics discussed tonight include trades vs. monthlies, digital sale listings, limited vs. ongoing runs, and the need for more female voices. Follow The Hangout on Twitter:


THE HANGOUT featuring Steve Orlando: November 10, 2014

Jessica, Alison, and Karen share a ton of laughs tonight with Steve Orlando, writer of Undertow and The Vision of Sita in Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK #3: Yellow. And as always, we play Rate the Genre and share our picks of the week. Follow Steve Orlando: @thesteveorlando Follow The Hangout: @TheComicHangout

Constantine by Haun

THE HANGOUT featuring Jeremy Haun: November 3, 2014

Alison, Jessica, and Karen are joined this week by Jeremy Haun, artist of Constantine, Batwoman, and the upcoming Vertigo comic Wolf Moon.  We discuss his wide breadth of work on DC, Image, Top Cow, ONI Press, IDW, and Marvel. And as always, we play Rate the Genre and share our picks of the week. Follow Jeremy Haun: @jerhaun Follow The


THE HANGOUT featuring Chandra Free: October 27, 2014

Alison, Jessica, and Karen had a lot of fun this week with Chandra Free, creator of The God Machine and artist of Fraggle Rock and Mice Templar.  Chandra also fills us in on her art, writing, and lettering, and she gives details about her exciting upcoming projects. And as always, we play Rate the Genre


THE HANGOUT featuring Karl Kerschl: October 20, 2014

Karl Kerschl, artist of Gotham Academy, joins Jessica, Alison, and Karen on The Hangout.  We discuss the process behind Kerschl’s art and design, his influences, and his favorite past work (Teen Titans: Year One). And as always, we play Rate the Genre and share our picks of the week. Follow Karl Kerschl on Twitter: @karlkerschl Follow The Hangout:


THE HANGOUT featuring Cullen Bunn: October 13, 2014

Third time is a charm as writer Cullen Bunn joins Karen and Jessica once again on The Hangout.  We discuss Terrible Lizard, Magneto, Sinestro, Brides of Helheim, The Empty Man, and The Remains.  Cullen plays Rate the Genre and shares which comics he currently loves to read. We also talk about this year at NYCC, including Wonder Woman ’77 and the “Image Comics: I


THE HANGOUT featuring Aaron Kuder: October 6, 2014

The artist of Action Comics and writer of Superboy, Aaron Kuder, joins Jessica, Alison, and Karen this week on The Hangout.  Kuder’s artisitic influences, his writing process, Superman, and how Action Comics is created are discussed in detail. And as always, we play Rate the Genre and give our picks of the week (Thor, Brides of Helheim, and