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Interview: Cullen Bunn Discusses Eisner Nominated THE SIXTH GUN

Interview: Cullen Bunn Discusses Eisner Nominated THE SIXTH GUN

The Oni Press Eisner interview series concludes today with writer Cullen Bunn, co-creator of the fabulous western-adventure The Sixth Gun. The title focuses on six guns, each with a mystical power and a sinister purpose and their owners, whose are bound to the guns until they perish. Bunn recently took time out of his schedule

Interview: Colorist Bill Crabtree Discusses THE SIXTH GUN

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews focusing on the Eisner award nominated titles from Oni Press. In this first interview, colorist Bill Crabtree discusses his fantastic (and Eisner nominated) work on The Sixth Gun. Aaron Long: First off, congratulations on the Eisner nomination! Do you remember where you were when you got the

Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Case of That (Bat)Girl

You may not know this, but I fancy myself quite the ladies’ man. In truth, I’ve always had much more of a soft spot for female super-heroes than for their male counterparts. Maybe it was because they seemed to have worked so hard to get where they were. Maybe it was the fabulous outfits (looking

Interview: Abnett & Lanning Unleash THE HYPERNATURALS

The Hypernaturals are coming….fans of cosmic stories and the legendary DnA get ready for a universe completely owned, operated and created by Abnett & Lanning themselves. Marvel Cosmic collaborator Brad Walker joins them for no-holds-barred, intense, cosmic action where anything can happen, and does! Abnett and Lanning were kind enough to take time to discuss