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Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Case of Toxic Avengers

Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Case of Toxic Avengers

This week is an important one for many die-hard DC Comics fans. Precisely one year ago was the last appearance of fan-favorite character Stephanie Brown before The New 52 began and she took a seat on what DC Editorial refers to as “the bench.” Stephanie’s not alone on the bench by any means, joined by

Interview: Nathan Edmondson Discusses ULTIMATE COMICS IRON MAN

Marvel Comics announced at SDCC that Nathan Edmondson (The Activity) would be taking on a new mini-series in the Ultimate Universe focusing on everyone’s favourite man of iron. Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Demon In The Armor hits stores in October and Edmondson took time from his schedule to discuss what readers can expect from the

The Comicosity Olympics Day 10: WRESTLING

Wrestling is not an event for the weak of heart. For both the men and women this was straight up brawling. Powers? No. Cruel, brutal brawling? Yep. Men’s 2012 Wrestling Competition: Wolverine Sabretooth Bane Luke Cage Hawkman Lobo Cable Hawk Women’s 2012 Wrestling Competition: Black Cat Catwoman Batgirl Dove Mockingbird Squirrel Girl Cassie Hack Misty

The Comicosity Olympics Day 9: SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING

Synchronized Swimming: one of the most graceful of all the Olympic sports, is a little….less so in the Comicosity Olympics. The teams in this competition were very diverse and, in some cases (Guardians of the Galaxy), even incorporated Synchronized Gun-play into their swimming routines. Needless to say, this is a competition that is pure havoc,

The Comicosity Olympics Day 8: BOXING

Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmbbbbbllllleeeee!!!!!! It’s time for Boxing, and nobody throws down like the heroes at the Comicosity Olympics. Many weight classes waged war at the games, here are your competitors: Men’s 2012 Heavyweight Competition: Hulk Thing Superman Colossus Doomsday Thanos Drax The Destroyer Red Hulk Men’s 2012 Lightweight Competition: Wildcat Daredevil Green Lantern


ANIMAL MAN #12 / SWAMP THING #12 Written by Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder Art by Steve Pugh (Part 1) and Marco Rudy (Part 2) Release Date: August 1, 2012 The prologue to the next year’s worth of stories begins with the team-up we’ve all been waiting for: Animal Man and the Swamp Thing. In

The Comicosity Olympics Day 6: WEIGHTLIFTING

Today at the Comicosity Olympics we see if Hulk truly is the strongest one there is! Weightlifting is the name of the game today, time to introduce who is vying for supremacy: Men’s 2012 Weightlifting Competition: Hulk Thing Superman Thor Supreme Colossus OMAC Doomsday Women’s 2012 Weightlifting Competition: Wonder Woman She-Hulk Valkyrie Fairchild Rogue Captain

Interview: Writer Michael Moreci Dishes on HOAX HUNTERS

The truth is out there….yes, that line has been used…but, y’know what? Sometimes it just fits. With Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley’s Hoax Hunters, it fits perfectly. Hoax Hunters focuses on myths that well, aren’t. The terrors that are actually out there are more dangerous than you’d expect and the Hoax Hunters are there to