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The Comicosity Olympics Day 5: JUDO

The Comicosity Olympics Day 5: JUDO

Today the Comicosity Olympics moves on to some hand-to-hand combat in the form of Judo. The competition was intense, lasting for hours on end, with everybody Kung Fu Fighting until the very end. The dudes were fast as lightning, and yes, I did just say that. Now, the contestants: Men’s 2012 Judo Competition: Iron Fist

WE TALK COMICS Episode 43: Futurama Imperfect

We Talk Comics is back on the air with Episode 43: Futurama Imperfect! This week the guys talk to the artists in Brian K. Vaughan’s life, Fiona Staples from Saga and Pia Guerra, the artist on Y: The Last Man. WeViews this week include X-Treme X-Men #1, Masks and Mobsters #1, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens and Axe Cop:

The Comicosity Olympics Day 1: ARCHERY

Welcome to the 2012 Comicosity Olympics, an international/inter-publisher competition pitting the best of the best against each other in a series of Olympics-centric competitions. The winners and competitors in each competition will be determined by Comicosity staff through a series of nominations and voting with a different competition occurring each day of the 2012 Olympics