Comicker Announces WAKING LIFE and CHIMERA

Comicker Digital has announced two new digital series.

Written and Illustrated by Ben Humeniuk

People leave their dreams behind all the time. But what if the dream is YOU? That’s a fate The Princess of the Dream Realm wants to avoid. And to get her friend Robbie back, she’s going to do something unprecedented — enter the waking world. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what an old enemy’s been counting on… LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND meets DEGRASSI, and fantasy worlds meet the halls of high school in this character-driven adventure comic, inspired by the vibrant life and work of Winsor McCay.

Did you know that whenever we go to sleep, we have REAL adventures in a land of wonderful dreams? Robbie Boone does. He wears armor and fights monsters. His best friend is a Princess. And that’s started to become–so sixth grade.

Robbie might be starting to grow up. But his dreams aren’t quite ready to be left behind.

Debuting 9/28!

comiXology – $0.99
Kindle – $1.99
DriveThruComics – $0.99

Written and Illustrated by Tyler Ellis

When a covert mission goes horribly wrong, a crew of thieves find themselves caught in the middle of a vicious, interstellar holy war.


A crew of thieves make their way across an arid planet, haunted by demons both literal and figurative.
Debuting 10/5!
comiXology – $1.99
Kindle – $2.99
DriveThruComics – $1.99

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